Zooball is most famous for starting the first The OT Cantina. 'He' is known for using a Twi'lek avatar to fool guys that are looking for girls on the internet (HAHAHA)

Known As

Zooball is known (by those of us who have survived The Great OT Purge) as a lover of his roses! Maybe if you ask nicely he'll post a pic or two here for your viewing pleasure! Lolno. Zooball has also almost died laughing too hard at the antics of Torm, Baraja, Fallenchicken, and others. After getting his popped hernia sewn up, some weeks later he laughed too hard again and had to be rehospitalized. ZB-- nah, that was just a follow up inspection of my nasty leaking wound. And, new rose pictures are rumored for the 2010 season! Along with other flowers. ;)

Although a man in his mid-40's, many have assumed he was a female by his choice of recent avatars prompted by Meesh. He started with some old Jedi dude, went on to the Republic symbol, then took a slightly perverse joy in using the female Twi'lek artwork. He also likes to have lightsabers in his signature that match the avatar's dominant color.