"What? I don't even..."

"i'm confused :("

- Usual Responses by Other Forum Goers

Yoclema (Yoclem, Smap or Smapp) is a poster in the Off-Topic that posts rather confusing posts. The exact gender of the Yoclema is unknown. As well as it's origins, life and other aspects. Its is believed by many OT scholars, such as KingWilbourn, that the words spoken by the Yoclema is coded message, a forgotten language or the user is as high as a kite. The third choice, which is accepted by most of the OT, has become an adventure. Explorers such as Daroska have made it a life goal to find Yoclema's stash and expose it to the world. The user known as Yoclema, Smap or any other variation currently resides in New OT.

Example Post Edit

"You know how world of warcraft ppl are always getting wierd around...


well yea, Jinx and sphinx might almost make sense....

it doesnt because why?????

its none of their buisness to begin with

the power bleed is a combination of constellation heritage and the manipulation of media.....

"I would go up to my friends and detail how alpha centary is in a barrel roll with pluto, and their like...."


then i walk up and show them something on you tube that medicates the claim.....

so much for that rude awakening eh?"

Speculation Edit

A certain member of the Off-Topic forum believes Yoclema's forum demeanor to be that of an ongoing social experiment. Others, such as JediMasterLepras, believe he is actually Sean Dahlberg.

The uninitiated would retort to Yoclema's posts offensively. It is currently unknown exactly what hidden parts of the human psyche are triggered when one of these 'attacks' occur. Current evidence suggests these individuals may reside in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire area.

"Yoclema is just as important to this forum as any other major poster.
He will always be a classic, the Cult of Yoclema will probably be the largest guild on whatever server he joins....
I don't know the types of people it will attract, but I know we are just seeing the beginning of Yoclema the Unknowable, an old god risen from the deeps, one must attain enlightenment before they can begin to understand his words... Fairly certain this is 100% accurate to the first few months Yoclema is in game. Eventually he will be the largest guild leader on the entire server, until the whole server is absorbed into this mass and they rename the server for Yoclema, the devs will make sure it is not connected to any other servers, in fear of the contamination spreading."

WARNING: Possibly schizophrenic.