XFracture actually isn't a bad guy. He just doesn't care what QQers on the internet think of him. He has millions of alts and has left the OT because of too many newbs.

XFracture WarsEdit

The XFracture War was a flame war that took place near the end of the Dark Era. An 08er known as XFracture began to repost and claimed to have been an OTer pre-Purge. The fact that he had the knowledge of the Purge and that he had a wiki page here, concludes that he is from pre-Purge. It is forgotten where he started to troll in 2010.

Battle of the BranchEdit

However his first victim was Branch, a rising noob that had many ideas. He trolled the boy saying he had no knowledge of anything. While he did this, he also created an alt, Xzim to help XFracture troll and look larger in numbers.

Branch would fight back, but foolishly got suspended for 3 days in the rant. XFracture recieved nothing. Eventually, XFracture befriended Branch a tad bit, but still enjoyed pissing him off. Branch would later create the OTA General Election. Which XFracture would enjoy trolling. He stated that it was a faulty system, even though he had no intent to join the said guild.

Matieu's SuccessEdit

At the near end of the elections, XFracture would troll one of the runners, Matieu (who would later become the President). X claimed that Matieu was a racist and made a racist thread earlier in the month. He used Xzim to fight by his side, but the fight was a losing one as everyone sided with Matieu who was generally liked among the community.

Branch took Matieu's side and helped fight the troll. Branch then stated his belief of Xzim being an alt, and then later Xzim was banned. Soon X stopped posting in the thread and eventually, Matieu became President.

The Vappy CrisisEdit

After Matieu, XFracture looked to a newly returning veteran as his next target. Vappy had been posting more often after her "Im back!" thread had gained notice. XFracture hilariously pissed her off and Vappy fought back, Little is known about the fight, as it was in one thread and many didn't look in it. However, Vappy would soon be permantently banned from the Torums when the Mods caught wif of the smoke from the flame. XFracture was said to have gained an infraction for his part.

Ending BattlesEdit

When The OT Alliance had finally taken full swing, XFracture used another of his alts to troll its recruitment thread. White Omen had many posts yelling about how terrible the guild was and how it was run by children (Branch being the only young one). The Moderators deleted the posts and then found that White Omen was another alt.

At the end of his trolling career, XFracture needed one more casualty. In the famed outsider thread known as "Where's DiddyKong?" or some shit like that, XFracture trolled the mostly fan-fic writers that visited the thread. Many just ignored his efforts, but the most famed writer took the bait. Geshalt (idk and idc lol) fought back for his people. XFracture then took this to Ges's most famous fan-fic, The REAL Revan. In the fan-fic, Revan and Malak are supposedly homosexual and X pounced on that. Other writers took Ges's side such as Slaine, but ultimately it ended with Geshalt being permanently banned (how the hell did it happen so fast anyway???) and XFracture being SUSPENDED. After the final battle, XFracture died out and ceased to return to the OT and Torums.