I hate everything!

WorkersUnite (yes this is me writing this), is a verteran SWTOR lurker.

WU's notes on the OTEdit

The OT actually used to be a half decent place. People used to create threads that inspired lively discussion, often about tech, music, or internet culture.

As of now the OT is almost entirely worthless. It is currently trying vainly to be a G rated version of /b/, something impossible due to being inherently contradictory. The forum mainly consists of old memes that people have either a) not realized have become stail or b) do not realize are actually old.

The forum also has a strange glorification of "trolls". A person who either proclaims himself a troll, or is known to be a troll, no longer is a troll. Instead, the outed troll, who continues to act as a troll, is simply known as a douchebag.

Other StuffEdit

1) One day the OT may get better again, but I'm sure as hell not going to be the one who fixes it.

2) Stop posting a ridiculous amount of threads about the same thing at the same time. Nothing interesting will ever survive on the font page for long if you continue to post your own worthless pet threads.

3) I actually don't care about the OT that much, I'm just really bored so I decided to write this. Have a nice day.

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