Wilbournism is the leading religion in New OT. It pushes the fact that King WIlbourn is the mascot of el OT. He is the living embodiment of the OT and her interests. Wilbournism was created in ancient times by unknown elders that knew one day Wilbourn would come to the OT and bring life to it in its darkest times. This prophecy came true a few months ago.

This religion is the only worth mentioning. It leads infront of such religions as, Bioware Positivity, Scottism, Raptorism and more.

However one religion, it has many splinter groups. Varikslam and Lancendoism are the greatest examples.

In New OT, the churches of Wilbournism are led by Pastor Branch and Pope Wilbourn III.

This whole page is filled with false prophecies and nonsense. -Burkman

If Wilbourn is the emodiment of the OT... what part am I? -Scoot

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