Wilbourn preparing for his assault on the Jetbounty homeworld.

"Pimping all day, everyday."

- OTers on the Topic of Wilbourn

"'You little shitdick."

-Wilbourn to Jet in the OT Elimination game

Personal life

Wilbourn was a Turian born on Palaven. His life consisted of the military and calibrations. At age 3 he was assigned to command his own company, known as "Wilbourn Company". Major Wilbourn was a phenomenal tactician. Sacking the Jetbounty homeworld's capital, stopping Ulyaoth's merciless sex slave trade, and ending Branch's cattle distribution.

Savior of the Universe

Wilbourn, now promoted to Commander. Faced a new challenge. The Jetbounty species got hold of an ancient alien device which made every individual 100,000 times smarter and stronger. Commander Wilbourn did not back down. He assembled his own strike team of the galaxy's top operatives. He soon went to the Jetbounty homeworld. Commander Wilbourn led his company and strike team into the heart of the homeworld, defeating every Jetbounty he came across. But his squad took too much fire, every one that was fighting with Wilbourn perished. Commander Wilbourn was furious, he stormed up into the castle of King Jet. He looked Jet right in the eye and said, "Trololol." Before shooting Jet right between the eyes. But he did not forget the assault on Palace Emerald Gaming and Burkman's fatal strike against the usurpers of the dreadful place.


Wilbourn wasn't always a Pimp (if you can believe that). At one time he was some new guy from the OT that posted in the OT Cantina every now and then. When the OT was deleted he migrated to the OT Alliance site where he met CollaWars, Daroska and SoupWithSauce. Together they became the bosses of the OT much like the old Four Winds. Eventually, Matieu held an election for Vice President where the Pimp was voted in.


Around the time of his initiation into the council, Wilbourn developed a Wolfpack with his OT pals Daroska and SoupWithSauce. The Wolfpack has grown since then, adding Collawars and GiantSpiderGoat(Dingo member). It is currently unknown who all the Wolfpack consists of. Regardless, the Wolfpack is one of the most powerful groups in the OT:A.


Commander Wilbourn has his fair share of allies in the OT. The OT has been with him on several missions. The biggest mission being the assault on Osama Bin Ladin. They also like


Collawars, Grimeth, and Wilbourn at a sexy party

having sexy parties.


Wilbourn speaks in third person.

He is a strong believer in interracial sexual encounters. (Specifically Asian)

He has a pact with Grimeth and Uly.

Fluttershy is his favorite pony. Applejack a close second.