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Vidgamer as seen in the OT.

Vidgamer is a future bounty hunter of SW:TOR. Vidgamer has gone in and out of the Off-Topic for long periods of time before. And he is one of the few veterans who has not been banned yet.

About HimEdit

This WikiEdit

He's been getting a disturbing amount of infractions lately and he fears that the Mods will kill him sooner or later. Because he was in and out of the OT a few times before, he knows and remembers a wiki made by one of the many former OT members he's familiar with. He remembers JedivsSith making this wiki. Now, he wants everybody in the OT to know about this wiki. It has been so long. And many things in the OT has changed. And he hopes that this wiki will shine in glory as it once did.

Fight on ModsEdit

Vidgamer thinks he was one of the few that dared to challenge the Mod's overwhelming authority. But he assumes that he has lasted far longer than anyone else and has not yet suffered the Mod's wrath. Vidgamer is still standing up to the mods. His final fate is currently uncertian. Vidgamer got away with it. And he continues to go by the only OT rules he agree's with - His own. But he has the Mod's attention and they're trying to do all they can to stop him.

Love InterestEdit

Vidgamer has a crush on a female member of the forum named Vaseline. He's into her, wishes to be more than friends, but Vaseline doesn't wants to stay just friends. Vidgamer hates that, but he accepts it and he's not forcing anything on her, because he respects her decision and he cares about Vaseline. Although he desperately tried to change her mind on serveral occassions.

New OTEdit

Vidgamer joined the New OT when it was first created and didn't post until 2013. Now he is out of college and occasionally shows up to check on the OT.