Ron Simmons' reaction: DAMN!

"I personally prefer pale skin, dark long hair, and an athletic build. Its the details." - Vappy

"Ever wonder what the texture of an Asari tongue would feel like? I wonder all the time." - Vappy

The infamous lesbian of the SWTOR OT forums, she will rip your heart out if you try to flirt with her. No, seriously, she will.


Vappy joined the SW:TOR forums on Oct. 05, 2009. She is 22 years old and quickly rose as the OT's favorite sexy lesbian. Which is, of course, as depressing as it is hot. Hopefully she finds a man who makes her happy. Boom! I said it...


It's highly rumored that Vappy is really heterosexual, and uses "being a lesbian" as a way to avoid unwanted male attention. This has, of course, backfired horrendously. Her wiki page is littered with content regarding her incredibly sexy sexuality. Another adverse effect occuring from this involves forum member Ulyaoth, who is well known for masturbating to, and ejaculating on, printed images of her... frequently.

She's also rumored to be a guy, as women do not technically exist on the internet. But such rumors are the standard when it comes to female forum members.


Vappy was ultimately defeated a few days after the Elections of the OTA by XFracture. X pissed her off enough to where she raged at him and then got banned because of it. She created an alt named Vaporean, but it was too popular among forum goers and got banned. She was yet another casualty of the XFracture War. She never returned claiming the Torums had lost a customer because of Moderation.


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/GoBetty was here /lick

Friendly greeting from PeepsMcJuggs: "Vappy, get your hater ass back here! Don't tell me you can't get wifi from your 'house'!" KILLROY WAS HERE!!!!!!!!!! Vappy..... I never knew you that much..... Actually I never knew you at all, but........ I miss you Vappy, the OT misses you. Shes a meenie bobeenie sloveenie!!!-Ultimatedarklord I heard she was... A MONSTER!