"What you talking about Willis?"

- Ultimatedarklord

Ultimatedarklord is a banned user from TOR. Nothing much is known about UDL's past or how he came to the OT. What is known is he was a member of the OT Alliance and once a Councilor.

He has a thing for K$sha and other women. He has made a rivalry with other 12 year old Jetbounty who says "He's a freak". When he entered the OT he was welcomed by Branch and Matieu who he became friends with until he was banned. Most likely he was banned for being underaged.

After his banning, he created numerous alts which were all banned one by one, because he did a lot of things the same.

  • He would most likely create a RP thread in the Newcomer Section
  • When posted he usually had bad grammar
  • He would create badly thoughtout Fan-Fics about his new character
  • After the alt's creation he would post in the OT Cantina

He eventually came back with two alts saying that they were his sister. They were banned of course, but not before he signed up in the New OT