His half-assed attempt to mark the first page!

There once was a boy named Tureil, who once made fun of a fail. He was slapped in the face, and sprayed with some mace, and that's why he only speaks braile.

OHSHIT! they found me out!

It begins... Edit

Tureil wandered into the Off topic of Swtor after finally being removed from his old home-forum, 2moons. Took him about 2 years to get tired of the nonsense and decided to take up shelter in his current home. Now he's having his fun, fulfilling his creepy quotas as he sees fit.

He spends (far too) much of his time in the spam-filled, "last one to post" threads. Ghosts the other sections until something catches his interest.

Habits Edit

Tends to screw around alot. Doesn't like to be serious, but can be. Can't have as much fun as he'd like, as Caleb, Tyler, or Donna would magically appear and thwap his ass back to Banland.

Has a fucked up sense of humor, and enjoys giving people "wtf moments".....A simple novice in comparison to Sobchak and Yoclema.

Trolls/flames when he can...Tries to stick to simple sarcastic comments, as anything further makes the sweet flowers of the forum cry to the mods, who pull out the +9 banhammer...

Aliases Edit

Tureil Vita, Turry Knox, Big Daddy T, Saint Crisco, and Shnookies.

Plans Edit

World domination, statewide orgies, invention of 42 new STDs to be spread through the use of hobos.

"Team Napa!" ~ Scott