The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack is a group of OTers in the New OT. The exact number of members is unknown, but the most notable members are SoupWithSauce, KingWilbourn, CollaWars, and Daroska. They are the most powerful group of the current OT only challenged by Scott (if he's not a member).

Member Controversy

The first members are mostly well known. However, there are times when the exact number is unknown. Such as Mort, who says he was a co-founder of WP and the first one to create a thread about them. Bobabounty claims he is a member, but Daroska denies it to this day. Branch states he is indirectly involved in their creation because he recruited them all to the OT Alliance. Scott is the best canidate for a 5th Wolfpack member. He haz teh Xbawks and all of the WP agrees with him.

Some believe that there should only be 4 WP members. The original and best known 4. They feel if they let everyone in it would destroy the point of a kewl kids clique. Soup is a believer in that thought, but feels there should be atleast one more. Wilbourn is indifferent. Colla is Colla. And Daroska doesn't want everbody and hates Bobabounty.

Fall of the Pack

One dark and dreary day it dawned on the Ot that the wolfpack might be missing. The Wolfpack's numbers had declined. No one had discussed the pack for months. Wilbourn was the only wolf still wandering, the only one still sporting the Wolfpack insignia. The other memebers had wandered off and disappeared from the cold northern Canada woods. Nobody knew if this was just a Wolfpack plan of further domination, or if the mighty pack had actually been destroyed.

It was on this day, that the Wolfpack's activities had gone down to 0. The only mention of Wolfpack was in the titles on Wolfpack members with a howling Wolf smiley. It was the darkest day in OT history.

The Wolfpack is back

On July 17, 2012 the first wolfpack thread in many moons was created by Wilbourn. Scott announced that wolfpack membership was limited to CollaWars, Wilbourn, and himself. Daroska had been removed from the pack for lack of participation and SoupWithSauce had been removed for being Canadian.

Scott also announced that Meatlocker, Burkman, and Causa were the only candidates eligible for wolfpack induction. Meatlocker then decided to form his own pack with hookers. This pack originally include himself and hookers, but then Grimeth asked to join and offered to bring blackjack. The new pack was known as the Panda PAC.


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