The OT Cantina, where OTers go to relax and have a few drinks. The first Cantina was created by Zooball, long before The Great OT Purge. There is little trace left, bar the many subsequent incarnations that followed. Many frown apon the OT Cantina saying such things as, "This thread doesn't belong in the OT" though usually less eloquently phrased. But it's long standing in the OT is proof that these haters are nothing but fools, who care not for the awesomeness of the OT Cantina's randomness.


After the Purge there were many carnations of the establishment which slowly faded into the deep depths of the OT. On December 31, 2010 the user named Branch made his own version for the new year. Over the course of 4 months, the New OT Cantina reached the 1,000 mark 4 times. Then on the 5th version, TheMortonator created a version. This resulted in a war between Branch's Hotel (once the Cantina), Mort's Cantina and MawDrallin's OT Casino. The Hotel slowly died, but before either of the other combanents reached a 1,000 mark, the Mods launched a bombshell.


In opposition to the Deletion, Mort created the Occupational Theorpy Cantina in the RP section. That never even made it to the second page before it was deleted for having "No purpose". Then the unknowing JediDillon attempted to make one or two that were quickly swarmed by non-OTers and then finally deleted. Now the OT Cantina lives on in the New OT.