The OT Alliance
Formed: November 2010
Faction: Republic
Acronym: OTA
Motto/Slogan: Various
Status: Disbanded
Server/Type: The Twin Spears - PvP
Play Info
Location: Worldwide
Timezone: EST, but has others
Role-Play: Light role-playing
Leader(s): Matieu
Officers/Contacts: Branch, Meatlocker
Member Count: None
Recruiting: No

"Anyone outside of the Alliance isn't kewl."

- KingWilbourn

The OT Alliance is the official OT Guild that is run by the President, the VP and 4 Council Members. The main founders of the Alliance were Branch, Matieu, and JediBantha. Branch started the elections for the OT Alliance, Matieu won and became the first President, and Bantha wrote the original constitution (later changed by Matieu and the Council.) The OT Alliance officially disbanded in April of 2012, due to inactivity and a loss of most who created the OTA. Remaining members moved from the guild to other guilds, or just stopped playing with the death of the OTA.

The Elections

The OT Alliance was originally a small idea, no more then an election (which many thought was a joke) for the President of a non-existant Guild. Branch created the elections in early November, and he seemed to be the only one serious about the idea. Branch based the elections off the system of having two separate elections (he based it off the American Presidential Election system). The first election had notably Bobabounty, IsaacRedcorn, and Branch himself. The second of the two elections had two people who were getting a majority of the votes, Gloober and Matieu.

Matieu eventually won because Gloober wasn't serious about the Guild idea, and didn't realize that Branch was either. Back to the first election, with Branch, Bobabounty, and Isaac as the leading runners. Nearly a dozen of Isaac's votes (which was a large amount in this election) were suspected to be alternate accounts. They were suspected to be the alts of local troll, XFracture, because of this Isaac's votes were deminished, allowing Branch to win that election. Matieu and Branch faced each other in the final election, and Branch then stunningly resigned. He says it was because school was starting and Matieu had more time on his hands. However, Matieu believes it is because Branch recieved 10 votes that were obvious alts (Fiat's Alts). With Branch leaving, Matieu became the first President of the OT Alliance. For unknown reasons, Matieu chose Branch to be his Vice President.

Choosing the Council

Main Page: OT Alliance Council

The Cheap-Shot

Main Page: The Deletion

In January, The OT Alliance left Boba's site, as it was considered poorly done. They went to Guardian_Scott, who created a new, and up to this point, the best site for the Guild. The site slowly started to get more members, and became the most active site to this point.&nbsp "...on 4/22 the Off-Topic will be deleted..." The moderators announced on 4/19/2011, that The Off Topic Forums would be removed. Many of the regular posters in the OT were in an uproar, they had grown close in their years on the forums, and would be torn apart by the OT's Deletion. The Council came up with the idea to round up the OTers to the site, with the promise that they did not have to join the Guild. Many came, including more well known OTers, like MrEvilDude, Daroska, and TheMortonator. It seemed that the OT Alliance would become more famous with this unfortunate development.


Guild ot alliance001


In The New OT, as the site became known as, The council ran into massive troubles. To start, Vidgamer went inactive, and was replaced by Aximand, who had all of 1 post in the Council Forums (Where the council would make decisions from now on). Meatlocker, Jedibantha, Matieu, Grimeth, and Branch were left, but all except Matieu would run into trouble. To start, Branch and Matieu began to fight in the Council Forums. The two showed no sign of stopping, and Grimeth asked Matieu to begin in investigation pending Branch's removal from the Council. The two friends who had led the OT Alliance since its beginning were torn apart, and Branch was removed from the Council. This was the last decision the Council would make, as they all went inactive.

With Branch removed, Council decisions came to a stop.

He and Matieu had been making all the decisions and carrying the rest of the inactive Council. JediBantha became VP for a time, but went inactive with Meatlocker. Grimeth and Matieu were all remaining of the Council, and in the time of need, Grimeth left the council for unknown reasons. Matieu was forced to remove Meatlocker and JediBantha, leaving him the sole person in charge of the OT Alliance.

Instead of taking control of The OT Alliance, Matieu recreated the council, bringing new members who he knew were more active in. These members were Daroska, CollaWars, Vaseline, KingWilbourn and Causa. Matieu decided to have an election of these five council members, that was nothing like the original election, to decide who would take the position of VP. In a close election, Wilbourn pulled through in the end and won the position of Vice President. {C The New Council served better then ever for several months, before Matieu and Wilbourn decided to bring fresh blood into the Council. Causa and Daroska left, to be replaced by a returning Grimeth, and a new Council Member, MXIII. Despite many changes, The OT Alliance has held firm throughout the changing times and council.

Guild ot alliance005

Signature (customized by Matieu) (AFTER he gpt the design from Branch AFTER Branch got the idea from Scott's signature. L2credit bishes...)

Later, Matieu would open The OT Empire, which would accept the Imperial members of the OTA. Grimeth (being one of two Imperial members on the Council, the other being MXIII) would lead this half of the Alliance. On December 1, 2011, President Matieu announced that the OT Alliance would be a mainly a Republic guild. Imperial Alts will be allowed, but the mains will be Republic.

Death of the OTA

And SWTOR's servers suck now. The OTA died because of lack of players. Matieu left it and signed up for Pax Republica instantly. Branch attempted to keep it alive but couldn't get enough support. Plus barely anyone played TOR in the OT. Everyone stopped playing. Sad.... WHY

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First President Matieu.

The OT Alliance is run by the Council comprised of the President, Vice President and 5 (orginally four) Councilors. It is comparable to a democratic Dark Council/Emperor (no slams). In the Council, the President is the reigning member followed by the Vice President. After that, it is indifferent officially.

All of the Council members are voted on. However it depends on whether Councilors are voted on by the people. Depending on the President and VP's choice, the Councilors may either be voted on by the people or chosen by the President and VP.

For more info on the Leadership of the OT Alliance, go to their Thread on the forums.

End of the OTA

After a few months in game, it became obvious that the OTA wasn't what it used to be. With just about all of the former council having quit the game, and less then 10 members remaining active, the choice was made to disband the guild and move to another one. The remaining members slowly dwindled out until only four rememained, and of those, only two play regularly to this day, having joined other guilds.