Dahlberg leading his Mods into battle

This is the "Great OT Purge" instigated by Sean Dahlberg on June 2, 2009. Only one post survived the purge GoBetty's "Faces of the OT". All other threads where lost to the deepest darkest recesses of the Interwebs. Many of the OT goers now will not remember life before the purge, But they will have heard of some of the troll like overlords of the time, people like Torm, Baraja, and Sobchak (to name but a few).

After the purge came many changes. The OT got its first sticky, which most thought pointless. Then came more stickies. Not to metion additions to The Moderators, where there was one many now stood. All with the might of the greatly feared Ban-Hammer. Now the OT is a more subdued place to be. Some say that it is better, the more vocal of the oposing group of thinkers have been ban-hammered to oblivion. Needless to say the Great Purge was a time of turmoil, the OT was taken away from us! We were force to go into the other forums, like General Discusion, yes they were harsh times indeed.

Although at the time it was a horrible time nothing would amount to the OT's ultimate destruction. However, even with a worse outcome, the ending was happier as the OT moved to a place of ultimate powah. The safe haven was safe. And no Mod would ever enter the kingdom of the OT.