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The Fillorean Society is an RP guild that has many OT members amongst its ranks. It's leaders are OTers themselves. Lepras, as you should know, the creator and head Admin of this Wiki. Scott the creator of the New OT. There are more of course. To many non-members, it is known as the Cult.

RL History

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RP History

The RP History is rich and long. For more RP info go to the Guild Background section in the Fillorean Society forums. For this Wiki however, there will be a quick copy pasta fan-fic on the Founding of the Fillorean Society.

The following is taken from the journal of Halber Lepras, Jedi Master Circa 318 BTC (3,956 BBY). Halber had successfully evaded detection by the Sith Triumvirate by posing as a simple grain merchant on the planet of Telos, using a Force Power known as "Art of the Small". Many rumours surround this man, most of which present conflicting evidence, particularly about his relationship with a Jedi known only as the "Jedi Exile".

Rumours aside, It is known that after the defeat of the Triumvirate, Halber recorded a journal about his works, which is detailed here.

It has been three weeks since Visha contacted me, and confirmed the destruction of the Trayus academy. The Exile has gone into deep space with her own agenda, leaving me to pick up the pieces of the Jedi Order left behind. I have little time. Brianna has already begun the work of restoring the temple, and I am searching for new recruits - or at least that is the story I intend to give to her anyway. In actual fact, I am laying in motion plans for something greater.

We all know that at some point another disaster like this will hit the Republic hard, and its best allies will be gone; when that happens, I do not want the Republic to be unprepared like last time. That is why I am setting in motion plans for a society. A secret society. One that will only appear in times of crises, to lead the Republic to victory. It will contain the greatest warriors, the greatest Force users, the greatest thinkers, technicians, scientists and buisnessmen loyal to the Republic, so that it can be ever-prosperous and expansive. It should be able to disband and reform at will, but always leave behind several refuges across the galaxy, ready to be re-opened and used by anyone who intends to lead the Republic to victory again.

Therefore, I have contacted I good friend of mine in the Senate - Alexander Meranov. He comes from a long line of politicians on Talus, a planet I adore for its beauty. He has assisted me in many previous investigations and forays into the corridors of power, and I trust him. It also helps that he has the resources of the city at his disposal, and has graciously shipped a small workforce out to Denon, where I plan to gather our resources for our next move.

I have already shepherded a group of Younglings into the care of my padawan, who is taking them back to the Temple on Coruscaunt. Meanwhile, I have a group of construction droids, a coalition of my architect friends and a million workforces across the galaxy, and I intend to use them... For good. For liberty, freedom, justice and wellbeing of the innocent, at all costs.

Ranking System

The structure of the Fillorean Society is fairly simple. It’s divided between senior leadership, junior leadership, and regular members.

Senior Leadership

  • Premier (an NPC currently)
  • Sophic Councilors

Junior Leadership

  • Hand of the Council
  • Special Operatives

Regular Members

  • Operative
  • Accepted
  • Inductee

OT Members in the Fillorean Society

The Fillorean Society does not want to really be assossiated with the OT because they're so professional and the OT is... well... not. But whether they like it or not, they are influential in the OT's history, as are the members in it.

  • Lepras, Tellen Silversun, known and liked 09er, Creator of the OT Wiki and its Head Admin. In the ranks of the Fillorean Society, he was a Sophic Councilor, until rl got a hold of him. He is currently an Operative.
  • Scott, Scott Chain, very-well known 08er, Creator of the New OT and its Head Admin. He is also a member of the OT Alliance, but has little to do in its politics. In the ranks of the Fillorean Society, he is a Hand of the Council.
  • Tureil, Vigo Surai, known and liked 08er and slight poster in the New OT. In the ranks of the Fillorean Society, he is a Hand of the Council.
  • TitanTZ, Titan T2, very well-known 08er and poster in the New OT. In the ranks of the Fillorean Society, he is a Special Operative.
  • Leginox, Malcolm Malorne, also known as RorschachGZ is a known 09er. Currently, he is MIA in the Fillorean Society.
  • Unholyterror, Brucil, known 10er. Also a member of the OTA. In the ranks of the Fillorean Society, he is a Special Operative.
  • MonPandamari, Nawkes, slightly known 10er. In the ranks of the Fillorean Society, he is a Special Operative.