My tombstone

The OT's Headstone

"It's not a damn Purge!"

- Branch

The final act of the TOR Moderators and the most deadly. A normal Monday morning was met with a devastating afternoon when the Mods closed the OT with a thread saying the OT (and Visitor Messages) will be permanently deleted on April 22, 2011.

Full storyEdit

The OT was finally killing the "reviv the ot lololololol!!11!1!1!!!" threads. Other threads usually only had 4 or 5 posts and quickly died. However on a normal Monday the most abnormal thing happened. The Moderators deleted the Off-Topic section. The Moderators posted a thread in the GD about the deletion without a reason as to why though. The thread hit the 1,000 mark in 5 days and even on thread 2 there was no reason given about the reason of it's deletion. The established guild, the OT Alliance was scambled. They tried to get as many OTers to their new site fast before the OT was deleted. They successfully got many OTers on and are still trying to get more to join. The site's creator is the well known 08er Guardian Scott who is the Head Admin.

The OT is now just fine in the immortal land of the New OT. Some enjoy the New OT, but wish the Old OT would reopen. Others think the Old OT was to restricted and it is unneeded now that they have the New OT. These others are mostly Wolfpack members (a group created in the New OT.



A purge is the removal of people who are considered undesirable by those in power from a government, from another organization, or from society as a whole.

The Great OT Purge was when a lot of people were banned and they removed the OT for a short time. This is not the Second OT Purge. Nobody was banned. At all. They deleted the OT forever.

Last Words and Memories from OTersEdit

Branch: I hope the OT will come back around Launch. I will miss you...

"It's was a shithole, but it was my shithole and home for a few months... I'll surely miss it." - Causa