Death is coming.

"Being heroic means you need big boobs."Edit


TheMortonator is a vampiric great 08 machine god. Well known for beating down his subjects before destroying them, entirely. If you've catched this cyborg's attention then you are pretty much fucked. You might as well kiss your momma goodbye and confront death before it confronts you, with RPGs, shotguns or samurai swords.


TheMortonator's birth is the most amazing in the history of the OT. He was born slowly at a course of 1,000 years from a blackhole that originated in another dimension. As he was being created the black hole was searching for a place where Mort would be accepted and worshipped then it found the perfect place. It found a small lair of a developing society known as The Off-Topic. There he was finally created and the OT became his new home. In the birth, the blackhole exploded. Sheading its grace on the OT forever.


Without the Helmet