2011 to NowEdit

Early Life Edit

Thaed began his life as a trash droid in 368BC, cleaning trash in the streets of Rome. Well, he started his other life in 2011, but some fucker stole him in a Police Box then dropped his ass in Rome and pissed off to fuck with some other helpless bastard. Anyway. Thaed grew up on the lean, mean streets of Rome, collecting ancient trash and obliterating it. He met some really cool people like Caesar. Well, actually, Caesar was a bit of a douche, so Thaed set about stabbing him a few times. Some shit went down, this Octavian prick and this Mark Antony PoS tried to get back at Thaed, but Marcus Brutus totally saved his ass.

Into the Star Wars Universe! Edit

Bored with with the ancient trash in Rome, Thaed shut himself down for a while, wait for some interesting shit to happen. Life sucked without the internet. Anyway, that fucking Timelord prick showed up again and took him to the Star Wars universe. It was cool though, he gave Thaed this kick-ass laptop that could go on forums across time and space. So, Thaed spent some time chillaxing aboard the Death Star until some asshole dropped a torpedo down the exhaust pipe (c'mon, the thing was two fucking metres wide and he dropped it there?). Luckily, Thaed had seen all this play out in his 2011 lifespan, so he hauled ass onto Vader's TIE-fighter. Got dizzy as shit, but at least he wasn't smeared with Storm Trooper blood floating around in tiny little particles. However, this really caused Thaed to think about his trash-droidy existance. Until Mr I-can-travel-through-time-and-space hauled him hundreds of years into the past.

Thaed meets Sobchak Edit

Yeah, it was fucking awsome. Little more needs to be said.

Thaed joins Sobchak's Flying Circus... Thing. Edit

So Sobchak was totally "Yo dude, you should totally join my circus and clean up shit while we fly around smuggling and crap" then Thaed was like "Man, that's fucking pro!" and Sobchak went all "Awsome, you get a choice of free internet access and $30/hour" but Thaed was like "Woah dude, you trying to trick me man? You gunna give me slow internet that's capped or something man?" But Sobchaked laughed and was all like "No way man, I'm a business man, not the Australian Government!" and now Thaed works in Sobchak's flying circus.

The Drunken Garbage Slinger: Trouble in Paradise Edit

Fuck this, I'm skipping to the end!