Starch Art
"Wait, what? That's really creepy."

Starch (Everything you should care about)Edit

Starch is without a doubt the most attractive female forum member of the off-topic(If not the only attractive female forum member). She prides herself as the most active lurker on the boards. On average she posts once for every 10 hours spent reading. While she tries remain as distant as possible she is very easily "baited" into topics that mention her by name. Starch use to actively post side by side on the "Fipps" account until she was unlawfully forced into a new account made for her. She has still been known to post on Fipps' profile whenever he forgets to log out.

Despite the fact that Starch has avoided being infracted on the SW:TOR forums she is an incredibly mean spirited individual. She holds increased hatred towards the following individuals.

Soshana - For being a Tease

Leya - For being annoying

Baraja - For being so pathetic

Big_Angry-Nerd - For everything he has ever posted

Collawars- For making all of those "OT Council" threads

And that kid who constantly gets mod's to change his name and close his threads

Random MusingsEdit

  • Starch always writes in colored and stylized fonts.
  • Starch is 29 points higher rated than Fipps in 3v3
  • Starch hates 100% of the Off topic "memes"
  • The only exception is Darth Zorba
  • Pictures have twice surfaced of Starch in the OT, both times the threads got removed.
  • Starch can sometimes be found hanging in Fipps' Vent.....usually in a locked channel
  • Starch has been snubbed multiple times for Art Fan Fridays.