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Spanky after Spankin' da Mods

Spanky is a fun and funny member of the OT community. He has been a member since June '09 and has an impressive post count due to "The Last Post Wins" and the "The OT Cantina" threads.


He resides in NY and is one of the older members of the OT forum. His posts are usually light hearted but is known for the occasional troll post. His frequent links to "YouTube" and "Photobucket" keep everyone on their toes. However his taste in 80's music usualy get him flamed.

SpankyV is also ready to help out his fellow forum member. Because of his life experience he is always ready to give sound advice to anyone who is a serious poster. Especialy when it comes to women.

One of the downright funniest OT members ever to exist. SpankyV's ability to make a joke about nearly everything is inspiring and uplifting. Currently, he and his girlfriend (known as MorriganSage after he introduced her to New OT), are expecting a child. This child, along with Bowdaar (Scott's son) will one day conquer the world. Both Morrigan and Spanky are in hiatus. Some believe they are bad at the OT.