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Class: Smuggler
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"At the farmer's market with my so called girlfriend she hands me her cell phone, says it's my dad "Man, this ain't my dad! This is a cell phone!" SO I THREW IT ON THE GROUND!"


"Make me three threads..." :trollface:


SoupwithSauce is a youngling forum goer who often tags along just for the fun of it. He likes to post weird videos which will often feature dancing cows, japanese people doing usual strange japanese stuff and crazy teddy bear invasions. The only people who dislike this guy is his own peers.

SoupwithSauce's tl;dr life story

Lee Sauce was de emperor of the canadian united republic of space pirates, well that was until his flagship was destroyed by a combined army of rubber duckies and lemonz. This army throwed the emperor Sauce down a well that was heard to either give you youth or kill you. Instead, Sauce had earned the epic awesome powah of Soup. SoupwithSauce, now with "ULTIMATE POWAH!1!!" avenged his fallen fleet by releasing hot soup on his former captors. The detailed account in manuscripts are vague at best, but it would be correct to state they were melted.

Now with no armada to steal hawt womenz, lee SoupwithSauce wandered a little while until he found a tavern sitting quaintly next to a stationary black hole. There he joined in the wonderous parties of ye olde' off-topicness. Many a local thought he was neither an emperor nor 12 years old, they just thought he was benelovent for some raisin. The real reason however, I will explain in this detailed account of SoupwithSauce's on going life story.

Now back to the story: SoupwithSauce had partied long and hard at that tavern, he really enjoyed the place. However even his ultimate powahs could not save it from the Deletion that was to come. All he could do was slide his bowl like he never did slide that bowl before. But it was in vain. Only a nearby pedo chick who fancied his sauce could help him. To which she did, in return for some sauce.

The two in time fell in love and were married under moonlight in the early morning of a spring's meadow. Soup's marriage with Vaseline was good at first, but in time they grew apart, finding less and less things in common. The final straw was when Soup found Vaseline and Matieu doing the crazy in the bin. His heart was broken, depressed. Only his good tavern pals Daroska, Wilbourn, Colla, could fix him by getting him to experience life as one of the Wolfpack. A life where good men, strong men, roam free and wild, to their heart's content!

As time went on, Soup had gone through new adventures and mishaps. One of them was becoming part of the OTA Council. Another was romancing the wild Vaseline yet again. He was also the first one to make Scott's shitlist, for hurting Scott in the OT Elimination game. He used his powers to make it off the shitlist, and returned to the peaceful life of an OTer.

P.S Soup is sexy.

Skittle Universe

"Keep calm Soup. I ain't seeing what I'm seeing, I AIN'T SEEING WHAT I'M SEEING!" -Soup in distress

Soup was once trapped in a universe made of skittles: the only way out was eating them all. Which he did after trillions upon trillions of years, until the very last skittle was eaten and gone. Then Soup suddenly awoke. Becoming unsure whether it was a horrible, horrible dream or something that actually happened..


Soup's Sith Warrior Alt


For those who bitch about Soup