He likes to fuck Bobabounty. But really it's the other way around. He posts sucky videos also. He switched his avatar to a subjective gasmask thing. He's also a Grammar Nazi although he makes grammatical errors constantly.

Solatrum is so pissed off on Bobabounty because Boba started a fan fic about Halo in a star wars setting before he did. His jealousy and ego is hugh. He will never learn what's right and what's wrong. Hateful aspies seem to have it out for me, believe nothing you read on this page, I am a fan fiction phenom, Bobabounty and possibly other aspies have formed a cabal to attack me on the internet.

Solatrum is a synonym of anal tearage.

You're the one who is that.

No really, you're worthless.

Lol u mad bro?

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