Fusion Red Rhino
'"Love is like a Rose, It's a beautiful thing, yet it hurts if you hold on to it too long."

- Sibrand

Sibrand is an unknown creature that is one of it's kind. The first day he could be a jawa in a bounty hunter armor and the next he could be a Republic soldier. Who knows he might even return as that infamous Rodian! But for now he is just that Red cool Rhino of his.


"That's one way you can do things on..."


"That's Life!"


He has a common sense and he knows much about different things.

There are time when Sibrand could get dark, cold and sadistic and that's when he's feeling down. Otherwise he is a happy person who generally accepts most people to be a friend of him.


He was the original creator of the Last One to Post Wins thread and also the first winner. After a few incidences in which he was forced to morph himself into Klaner (see below). He has recently returned as a changed Sibrand and he promises to not start any arguments.


Klaner is Sibrand's alternate account and everybody knows it. After he made it, he soon became unable to log in to his old Sibrand account. Soon enough, though, the problem was sorted and Sibrand became Sibrand again. The End. OR IS IT??!!!

The Second Death of Sibrand and the re-emergence of Klaner

A few months after the first incident, BioWare forced all members to accept a new Terms & Conditions before they could log on again. Most of the forum members just accepted it, no problem. But, for Sibrand, the situation was different. Every time he treid to log on, it would appear and every time he accepted, he had to log back on, only to find that it wanted him to accept again. It was a never ending-loop. Soon enough, he had to give up. He switched to his Klaner account for what seemed like forever. It is unknown how he switched back, but he did. Yay. Yay, indeed.

Sibrand's Return

Now Sibrand has returned and after much posting and a bit time of absent from the Forum due to several bans from the mods, Sibrand is now back in the Forums and much is changed with him. Some of his funny jokes have disappeared but they have been replaced with some more wisdom and knowledge.

Sibrand is also known to be the nemesis of several OT persons that now dwells in the depths of the Selkath forums.