Forum Info
Join Date: June 2009
Avatar: Female Smuggler
Gender: Female
Guild(s): N/A
Other Group(s): N/A
Alternate Account(s): Keoshi
Banned Account(s): N/A
Allies: The OT of her Time
Enemies: Unknown if Any
Current Location: Missing In Action
Game Info
Class: Probably Smuggler
Role-Play: Unknown

Keoshi is Shoshana let's get that straight. She filled the OT with both witty comments as much as she fills it with stupid crap all day long. But who doesn't these days?


"The OT has no meaning without Shosh!"

-- LordRevanII

Shoshana is long time legend of the OT. She had the OT under her will since she joined. Then the day came when she left and the OT was lost again since the Great Purge. By far the favorite person in the OT forever. No matter how awesome they can not replace Shoshana.

Shoshana is signing out. She wishes everyone well.

I ( Bobabounty ) will miss Shoshana for her good-witted humor and life she brought to the OT.


"And that's why you never get laid."

- Yogolol to Keoshi

Shoshana then came back and became Keoshi. With a less famous reputation. She was known as a narcissist of the OT, besides Titan of course. Then somehow they found out she was Shoshana and she left again.

Later, in the New OT, Nemis the Fool created an alt Shoshana which all believed to be the real Shoshana, except Branch. Finally, months later Nemis foolishly slipped that Shoshana couldn't sign on. Branch then said to check the IP address. They were the same and Nemis was laughed at again.

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