Formed: Who cares?
Faction: Republic
Acronym: N/A
Motto/Slogan: A casual, good looking guild
Status: Active
Type: PvE
Play Info
Location: Worldwide
Timezone: Unknown Exactly
Role-Play: No
Leader(s): Salo_pano, Pewps
Officers/Contacts: ebado, Thaed
Member Count: Around 40
Recruiting: Yes

"The OTA is to America as Canada is to Selkath.

The OTA is to my kitchen as Selkath is to my shiter."

- the OTA (except the Canadians)

Selkath is a website created by many of the people from the SW:TOR boards who dislike the heavy moderation. They split off and created their own webpage that is lightly (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight) moderated.

Mood of the OT toward SelkathEdit

Most of the website is filled with douchebags with nothing better to do but troll, flame, and otherwise act immature. If you entered Selkath you would find porn. Other than that, they'll be insulting non-Selkath members and believe they are superior. They also pull of numerous stunts to troll the OT. Such as DarthViscosity and saying Sobchak is a member. But such actions have stopped since the Deletion.

Selkath guildEdit

"Casual, cool, good looking"

- Selkath guild

The Selkath community then created a guild for TOR so they could play together. The first thread was moved to the OT which was laughed apon. The second thread is in use today. The guild operates without a guild leader, but instead, a set of officials. But it is "owned" by a few people that probably would lead to the Mods thinking it was non-serious.

History on Recruitment threadEdit

Selkath, the guild, has roots tracing back to to 1990 in the Seattle grunge scene. Selkath, the guild, was more known for its band (Selkath, the band) back then, but band members were heavy into the burgeoning professional gaming circuit back then. Selkath, the guild, was the first guild in the game to unlock Jedi in EQ1. Since then, Selkath, the guild, has become internationally known as much for the impeccable class and style of its members as its accomplishments.


Selkath, the guild, is 40 percent owned by the guild of ebado (a newly acquired division of Slippery Pete Realtors), 20 percent owned by, 15 percent owned by the High Council Trust (including control of all naming and merchandising rights), 15 percent owned by the Sexy Panther Fighting Corp., 15 percent owned by Buskar, the casual swinging Mandalorian guild and 5 percent owned by James777. More can be seen on their Recruitment thread.


These are the members of both the forum and the guild.

And much more. 66 members are on the site. How many post is unknown.