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Peep's goodside

PeepsMc"Gaynazisobchaklord"Juggs is not so vain as to create his own bio. He is, however, vain enough to write about himself in the third person, and to welcome the opportunity for others to spam away.

PeepsMcJuggs is pretty cool (lies) guy. Eh makes pages 'bout himself and doesn't afraid of anything.

24 Aug 10: Peeps is currently on a 3-day unpaid vacation. While cursing like a sailor has worked out quite well for him in the past, apparently trusting BioWare's profanity filter to do the hard work is an insufficient safeguard for the younger forumers' innocent eyes. Ain't that 'bout a bitch.

In other news, Peeps has taken a new liking to this wiki while on hiatus. Trolling here is almost as fun as trolling in the OT!

25 Aug 10: After appeal to the Mod Gods, Peeps is back in action. Score, baby!