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The OT Legacy Fics are collection of fanfics originally thought of by Branch. So far the second one is in the works currently. The fanfics show the people of the OT in the Star Wars universe. The first installment titled Heroes was written solely by Branch. The second is a combination of Branch and Scott's collaboration and titled Rage.


Find the story here: Heroes

Heroes was originally an origin story for The OT Alliance but finished after the OTA dissolved. It was also called Heroes & Creation until it ceased to be the creation of anything. Therefore dropping the Creation part.


The story starts out of Tython where the young Jedi Padawan, Kalbon Branch is exploring some ruins he visits regularly. Soon he comes across a blue orb with writing on the inside. When his master comes he tells Kalbon that they will be going to Naboo for a small mission that will be a slight vacation for Kalbon's 17th birthday.

On the way to Naboo, Kalbon and his master are intercepted by Imperial fighters and forced down. Kalbon is the soul survivor. He is rescued by smuggler, Matieu Khai. Khai agrees to give Kalbon a ride on Defiance but warns him that Imperials are only so far away.

When they reach the ship, they are met by Republic troopers titled Wolf Squad that were escorting an Senator from Naboo to Coruscant. Senator Kurt Fugem and Vase Katly of Otania have been chased by a Sith Warrior and barely made it to Naboo. Wolf Squad, comprised of Tycori Coll, Reden Sausen, Boba Bunti and Varik Wilbourn, takes contol of Defiance. After a bitter confrontation between Kalbon and Matieu, the two agree to take control of Defiance themselves.

When the crew stops on Corellia for fuel, Kalbon goes out to find new clothes for his adventures as he has decided to leave the Jedi Order. When at a diner, Kalbon notices the orb has been pickpocketed and he runs out after the man he bumped into. He comes to an old abandoned building where there are many adolescence doing illegal things. He is soon popped on the back of the head and goes unconsious.

When he awakes he is in a room with a teenager about his age. He learns that the boy is his childhood friend before the order, Jett Farreng. When Imperial officers come to the building, the two escape as the officers are killing the teenagers. Kalbon realizes that the Imperials are even on Corellia for him. When at the hangar, Jett is stabbed by an Arkanian bounty hunter later found to be Causa Lazion. Kalbon deatches are arm and the group flees.

Kalbon learns that the orb has supernatural healing abilites and gives it to Jett. Jett slowly heals but is still bedridden. Now heading to Otania after Matieu agrees to aid the Senator, Kalbon has a vision of his former master. After he awakes, Kalbon and Kurt discuss the Force and Kurt's uneasy feeling.

The feeling is realized when the Sith chasing Fugem, Daroska finds them and surrounds them. Matieu evades their detection but recieves damage to the ship. They land on Raxus Prime in search of a hyperdrive. A search team is sent out and eventually finds one. However they are attacked by droids with strange symbols on them. They are temporarily rescued by Scott Chain who joins the team when, for unknown reasons, he is stranded on Raxus Prime.

Scott joins the group, even with Matieu's displeasure, when more droids attack. They are then forced onto the ship with the working hyperdrive and offworld. The group then finally reaches Otania with no trouble. They meet General Span Kyv, and Baraja Stone and learn that the orb is an ancient weapon used in old wars. Also, the droids were built by Otanians long ago.

Rotota, the capitol of Otania is attacked by Imperials and the Otanians are forced underground to The Cantina, an old spy hide out. They devise a plan to strike back against the Empire, resulting in Boba departing to get help from Zygerrians. Scott confronts Daroska and defeats him after a quick fierce duel. Kalbon attacks an Imperial base and confronts Causa, who escapes after a fight. Kalbon and crew then hijack the Imperial fighters and attack the Metal Jaw.

The epiloge shows the 7 remaining travelers recieving medals for helping Otania. And Darth Pan'Da, the commander of Otanian efforts speaking with Darth Marr of the Dark Council. Marr tells him of Project Rage and that he will help regain Otania.


Rage is currently being worked on. Will update further when shit levels out.

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