OTA council

OTA council

The OT Alliance Council is a group of usually 7 members consisting of the President, Vice President and 5 Councilors of the OT Alliance. The Council has taken twist and turns since its early begining.

First Council

The President and Vice President were chosen. The duo were to now decide the Council. The Council was to fill the position of "Officers" giving assistance to the President and Vice President in their decisions about the Guild. Originally, the Councilors were supposed to represent different classes. The Jedi, the Sith, Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent, and Smuggler and Trooper. The first Council was a group of people who had supported the idea of the OT Alliance since its creation. BleakandDead, Darth Casus, UDL, Fiat and Jedibantha. Each was made a Councilor, but Fiat went on a vacation, not to be seen until March. He was removed for this reason, leaving Branch and Matieu to come to the conclusion that there would be 4 Councilors

Seeing as Jedibantha was the only Jedi of the group he was made the Representative of the Jedi. Matieu and Branch decided that the Sith Councilor would be Casus because he seemed the most fit for the position. UDL was appointed as his assistant, which pretty much meant he was given a position that did nothing to feel special. He decided to leave the Guild. BleakandDead left the site for awhile and then came back only to be banned by the Mods, making him unable to fill the position.

Two positions were filled for the Council, now two remained. For now, there was only a small list of people able to fill the two positions. After a few days of debating, it was decided that Meatlocker would become the Republic Councilor and Leya would become the Imperial Councilor. Leya was unable to post actively in the Council, and was removed.

Changes in Power

Casus, who created the first site used by The OT Alliance, became angry that nobody was posting on the site. Branch attempted to calm him down, wanting to keep as many members as possible in the Guild. When Matieu showed up, he told Casus that there was nothing they could do, and posting on a Site when they had the OT Forums and the game didn't even have a release-date was useless. Casus left the Guild. UltimateDarkLord was asked to return to the Guild and take Casus position. About a week later, UDL was banned for being under 13. . Finally, Vidgamer and Grimeth took the positions, finally making a full Council.

Post-Deletion Changes

In The New OT, as the site became known as, The council ran into massive troubles. To start, VidGamer went inactive, and was replaced by Aximand, who had all of 1 post in the Council Forums (Where the council would make decisions from now on). Meatlocker, JediBantha, Matieu, Grimeth, and Branch were left, but all except Matieu would run into trouble. To start, Branch and Matieu began to fight in the Council Forums. The two showed no sign of stopping, and Grimeth asked Matieu to begin in investigation pending Branch's removal from the Council. The Two friends who had led the OT Alliance since its beginning were torn apart, and Branch was removed from the Council. This was the last decision the Council would make, as they all went inactive.

With Branch removed, Council decisions came to a stop. He and Matieu had been making all the decisions and carrying the rest of the inactive Council. JediBantha became VP for a time, but went inactive with Meatlocker. Grimeth and Matieu were all remaining of the Council, and in the time of need, Grimeth left the council for unknown reasons. Matieu was forced to remove Meatlocker and JediBantha, leaving him the sole person in charge of the OT Alliance.

Instead of taking control of The OT Alliance, Matieu recreated the council, bringing new members who he knew were more active in. These members were Daroska, CollaWars, Vaseline, KingWilbourn and Causa. Matieu decided to have an election of these five council members, much like the original election, to decide who would take the position of VP. In a close election, Wilbourn pulled through in the end and won the position of Vice President.

The New Council served better then ever for several months, then came the three month marker for the Council Members and changes were made. Causa left, Daroska was kicked out (racism on Colla, Vaseline and Matieu's part), to be replaced by a returning Grimeth, and a new Council Member, MXIII. Then later on, Vaseline left the Council and the OT as a whole. BuddyBurkman took her place on the Council.

Members and ex-Members

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Vice Presidents


Sith Councilors

Jedi Councilors

  • Jedibantha

Republic Councilors

  • Meatlocker

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