Nonamehere may be known for his obsession with dancing rabbits

he is also the most awesome person you will ever meet and everyone should bow down to his will and to merely doubt that raises questions on your sanity

oh and he is awesome and not at all vain


who the **** is he? Edit

don't ask, he is just some annoying twit who acts like he is so awesome

where does he come from? Edit

it's rumoured that he is that child of Hitler and that woman he rapped in that new AIDs campaign

why is he so vain? Edit

he asks himself that every other day

where can i make man love to him?Edit

you can't or you will die

True HistoryEdit

he lives in a small fishing town where he was raised by a whale, the exact location of this fishing town is unknown (by me) but it's reported that it's actually 45 minutes from Exeter, and it's actually big and thus on almost every map of England

Rumours and speculationsEdit

everything... no really...

Writing StyleEdit

it normally follows the form known as Spamming In Style or just plain trolling

this is often in the format (see the last to post winz internet (or whatever it's name at the time happens to be):

Bunnies can't XXX...

...but they can dance!

Fighting StyleEdit

Parody titles are so out of fashion... go away...