New OT from a sky view...

"Trolls live and die, but OTers always survive."

- Ancient Monk

New OT is the new home for OTers everywhere after the destruction of the OT. Originally it was the website for the OT Alliance, but after 4/22 the OTA started gathering all OTers. The site was created by the founders of OTA and Guardian Scott.

History (Pre- Branch Wars)

The OT Alliance had gone through 2 websites already. One by Darth Casus who was annoyed by the other members of the OT Council and ragequit the guild, deleting the website in the process. Next was made by a Casus hater, Bobabounty. Boba had made his at the very begining, but the Council voted for Casus' website instead. The OTA moved sites yet again. However, people hated the site's layout and the Moderation that was run by Boba alone. Finally, it was decided there would be a new site. Fillorean Society member and OTA member, Guardian Scott, volenteered.

The first month of the New OT (as the OTer's home) was probably the greatest time of the OT since Pre- Purge. All members were bent on recreating the OT, fighting the Mods, trolling and making a great community. The New OT had 5 Admins: Scott, Matieu, Branch, Causa and PJsnaks. Most of the drama and events that happened in the New OT during it's next few months was usually tied into OTA business and such. But out of these events came an important part of the New OT's history.

The Branch Wars

The Branch Wars was a series of flame wars that occured from May to atleast September in 2011. The incident showed the fall of one of the OT's most influential figures.

The Cause

The Branch Wars began in the New OT, a website created by Guardian Scott after the Deletion. Branch was a well known member of the forums, credited with the idea of The OT Alliance. Historians will wonder why Branch fell so quickly from power, and most believe it came down to one simple thing. The Causa Effect. The Branch Wars began when Branch fought Causa using his Admin Powers, which led into the First Branch War (except Causa had agreed to an Admin war and of course had Admin powers of his own).

The First Branch War

The First Branch War was fought by Bobabounty, who called Branch out on his wrongfulness. Branch refused to give up, claiming that he was in his right to attack the vile Causa. A dramatic scene insued, with emotional drama and dramatic fighting. Branch pushed Boba back to the edges of the OT, using his Admin Powers to his advantage. The power caused by these Adminness was hard to defeat, and Boba was unable to overcome it. But the Talz inspired the rest of the OT with his heroic behavior.

The Second Branch War -- The Success

The Second Branch Wars were fought by Matieu, who called Branch out on his abuse of Causa. Branch defended himself, and much trolling followed. Finally, Matieu cast an epic magical spell which removed Branch and his Admin Powers. He collapsed on the ground, gasping in pain at what he had lost. Matieu was not done, however, casting more mystical lightning on Branch, and suddenly he lost VP position. Matieu then drew the Super Weapon, the Ban-Hammer. Matieu swung the mighty hammer down, and Branch was slayed.

The Third Branch War -- The CollaWars

CollaWars was a mystic Guardian of the OT, a Man of the People. When Branch returned, he took it upon himself to combat him. He ignited his lightsaberz, and attacked Branch with much explosions. He struck at Branch, who attempted to hide himself in the magical Chat. His name would work as a shield there. Surprisingly, Scott struck down, censoring Branch's name and taking away his protection. Without his name to protect him, Colla mugged Branch and stole his credit chit. He then turned and left, laughing evily.

The End of the Branch Wars

The Branch Wars have seemingly ended. Branch has stopped his immature ways and is trying to get even terms with all the members of the OT. Before Vaseline left the OT, Branch had achieved peace between the two. He was one of the 3 people she told that she was leaving. Jet has become Branch's best friend in the OT. Boba and Branch have renewed good terms while Matieu and Branch are still trying to get along. Most of the Wolfpack has good terms with Branch from what is known.

Waiting Era

Flame Wars of 2011

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The Summer of 2011 was ruled by the Branch Wars. However with the coming of school things began to die down. However there were many members that still entered numerous times. When Branch wasn't active as much, the OT had nobody to hate on. Soon they all started fighting eachother. Most of Wolfpack was uninvolved in it, but Daroska was a "lighter of the flame".

BuddyBurkman, who had been fairly uninvolved in the Branch Wars began attracting attention for having a short fuse. This attention was seen as both good and bad by different members. The bad was the other combatants of these wars. Jetbounty and Vaseline were the other two factions. Every post by one would be critisized by another. Soon every thread was engulfed in the giant flame wars. The wars would slow when Vaseline left the New OT. Jetbounty and Buddy then tried to not fight. BananaDealer was one of the main peacekeepers of the wars, but like the others had little success.

Post- FW11

Branch soon began a OT Legacy Fics. Soon after, on October 11, 2011, Bioware would reveal the Launch Date for TOR. The OT was busy with school and now the Release Date. Along with the announcement, many other games were surfacing. Such as MW3, Battlefield 3 and most notable, Skyrim. Soon the New OT would become hardly posted on, unless by SpankyV and his girlfriend (yea), MorriganSage.

Emerald Gaming

Main Page: Emerald Gaming

Jetbounty had been Admin of Emerald Gaming for awhile and also had fought of the OT on his older site. He did create a new one using forumotion and was then spammed in the OT. The OT invaded EG once again with greater success. The attackers included: Bobabounty, Matieu, BuddyBurkman, Grimeth, Wilbourn and Scott. Branch trolled mildly, only pissing people off a few times, and got to stay. Ulyaoth and Causa became actual members and being liked by EG's community.

Ulyaoth even started using an EG signature that created a large amount of controversy, another thing going is Spike09, whom was Hypah at EG, a new member at the OT whom kept bad ties with Misfit after a controversy inside of EG which involved a bunch of members and Causa protesting on the ban of a member named Emochu, Spike09 in defense of OT (after Misfit posted a signature saying "I don´t say go to Hell, I say go to OTA) putted on his signature: "I don´t say bitch please, I say Jet please".

Era of Unending

The Era of Unending represents the era that took (and currently takes) place after the release of SWTOR. This is possibly the last era unless something big happens. Nothing huge occured so far in this era. The continued battles between Burkman, Banana and others continue but they are nothing more than skirmishes and can not be titled "Wars".

During this era, a large amount of OTers from the past have come and visited, only to disappear. These are such as Torm and SithBadger. Spanky and MorriganSage left New OT for a short time as Morrigan was holding Darth Ryker. They have recently returned however.

Along with new members, older members come and go like S&M. Soup was known to leave for a period of time... he came back when he needed help then disappeared again. Then came back for MORE help... and disappeared. Ulyaoth seemed to never shut up about how the end of the OT is close.

Quiet Months

Starting around say November-ish, New OT began to have a steady decline. After many settled fights and sorries, the regulars of New OT became at peace. With only a few friendly debacles between them, they started noticing a new threat.... there weren't a lot of them. The members discussed what to do but all plans were thought to be for later MMOs and other games in at least half a year.

Most (if not all) members agree that they want a small community. Others branching from this majority still want a small community but either think there needs to be more activity and/or new blood in the pool.

Ulyaoth has replaced Burkman as the Sidekick Admin behind BatScott. I'd call him Jason Todd but Jason is too cool. I don't think there's a Robin that fits Uly's personality. He's like the untold Robin. The one that masturbated to much and eventually Batman killed him. Yeah that one's good.

Reigning Faction


Main Topic: The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack started in the New OT and is the reigning faction. Besides the Wolfpack, there is the great Scott, who is the site's maker and Head Admin. He is immortal and a just leader (even if he is a little lazy). In general belief, Scott is a Wolfpack member, but this is disputed by those who believe there are only 4 members. Either way, Scott is a supporter of the Wolfpack.

Then there was Matieu and the OT Council. Matieu, the President of the OT Alliance and his Council decided the path of the OTA. Surprisingly, some of its members were Wolfpack members. Along with its Vice President, Wilbourn. Conspiracy theorist would wonder if this is favoritism toward the Wolfpack or not.

Dark and Light

In 2012, the only leaders of New OT were the two Admins, Burkman and Scott. After SWTOR was released, Matieu went AWOL as he became increasingly addicted to TOR. After a discussion with Matieu, it was agreed that Matieu would resign his Admin position, because he was unable to fufill his duties as an Admin. A new election was held to decide his replacement. People in the election included Colla, Branch, Boba and Burkman.

After much bickering and war, Burkman became the next Admin. Many were scared that he would snap and go on an insane rampage. Such watches are still looked at today because one day he was on he verge of snapping and threatened to leave and/or beat Banana with his powers. (Or something like that. I didnt really read much, but thats pretty much what I gathered).

Burkman holds the ability to create a wound in the For- er I men site. However Scott is the greater as he holds permanent power and can not be removed.