To say bluntly, odd. A mysterious fellow who has invaded the OT several months ago. His constant batman, sparta remix and repeated Monty Python and game links are a common sight.

He has yet to win a last post thread.

He formed the OT's Steam Group.

Warning: he can Rolepaly..and does it.

Warning#2: He does not confine himself to one forum. Extremely dangerous.


One of Neino's signatures.

He is a known patorn of TOR and [failedly] expects a beta invite. Some of his dealings with extremely rude forum trolls have resulted in extreme /win on his part.

Created the "No Harbinger Option. Direct Intervention Necessary" Internet meme.

Post what you think of Neino under here:

"I'm him, he's me, we're each other and others" -NeinoRanatos (in the....text)