Clearly a rapist.

Don't fuck with this article unless you have something awesomely negative to add. Needz moar text, less SS.

NME_Apollo is a huge faggot, please rape his face. He joined not too long ago, making him a noob, and invalidating all his opinions. He tries to make up for this by flirting (unsuccessfully) with Shoshana and several male users, adding to his large amount of faggotry. When encountering NME_Apollo it's best to ignore his TL;DR arguments and point out that he is a neo-nazi who eats kittens. (No srsly, look it up). Also has been caught in the OT recently being emo over Twilight.



Despite the fact that he is a try hard grammar-nazi; NME_Apollo constantly makes grammatical errors himself, making him a huge fucking idiot. If you're

A counter argument to any post by NME_Apollo.

Picture 15

See what I'm talking about?

called out for using a comma instead of a semi-colon just quote one of his many retarded posts and highlight any grammatical mistakes in red (he wouldn't notice it otherwise). If you somehow can't find any posts with a terrible amount of mistakes, just change the grammar a bit and call him out on it anyway (he will never c wut u did thar).


Picture 7

A good example of TL;DR (part 1)

Picture 8

Part 2 if you're still awake.

You may also notice large blocks of text while browsing the OT, most of these are posts by NME_Apollo since he's too retarded to spout stupidity in just a few words.

Nobody will read these posts, and even fewer will reply (negative statistics are possible in this situation). The best way to reply to these posts is to say something along the lines of "TL;DR: Loser".


Picture 3

You didn't think I was lying did you?


It doesn't take to long to figure out that NME_Apollo likes to talk about all the "action" he gets. Since its the internet, chances are he lies about everything he says, unless its homosexual. He likes to employ things like German police batons, handcuffs, whip-cream, and Ikea furniture in his fun "bedroom activities"(even we can't figure out what he dreams about).


There have been subtle hints to the possibility that he wants to have sex with his dad. We'll let you decide, even though
Picture 10

Ironclad proof.

not much needs to be said, because he told us himself.


Most of us figured that if he really was as promiscuous as he claimed he would have plently of these. A list of these include:
Picture 6

'Nuff said.

  • Rashes
    Picture 9

    Sounds like too much work for a one-night-stand.

  • Girlfriends
  • Pussywhipped syndrome
  • Douchebaggery

Evidence of this is shown in his own posts.

== Additional Fail==


This article is also an example that NME_Apollo is a feckin newb at wiki's.