Purple Dragon by deligaris

Everyone else just won! Join date: July 6th, 2009


Favorite occupation to give: A Monkey's Uncle asscociates: Callin, Guardian_Scott, jadda, Colla_Wars, SpankyV, bobabounty, etc. (see Friend's List on SW:TOR)

amount of "Last one to Post Wins" victories: 0

Other: loves Mufasa and the Chicago White Sox. and you.

MrEvilDude is a gay parrot (Obviously). None can stand against his wicked ability to crush heads, and his wicked cat-like abilities to pounce on his victims to precede his head-crushing hobby (pounce: *pounce* is typed onto the screen and the "pouncing lesson" scene from "The Lion King" is tagged to the post). Those foolish enough to try all got their heads crushed. Those that provoke him or make him mad also get their heads crushed. CollaWars is MrEvilDude's most common victim. He is aslo the one that organized the OT Survivor (which was stolen by Matieu), the Star Wars Fantasy League (inactive), and theOT Council (although he never became a member of the OT Council). MrEvilDude's greatest ally of the Off-Topic is , without a doubt, Callin. This is followeed by Mortonator, Guardian_Scott, SpankyV, and many others.

MrEvilDude also admits that if he ever got into a fight with Santa Clause, he would lose because the darn dragon can't resist stealing the fat man's oreos and will get run over by a reindeer while he's busy dippin' those cookies in milk.

MrEvilDude is a cool guy, but I'm not so certain about the whole purple dragon, head crushing, and mufasa stuff. It DOES add a bit of flavor to the OT, and I (the writer of this addition), can act strange too. More power to MrEvilDude for his unique style.

MED's form for not giving a damn has entered him into numerous points of controversy. This includes and orgy with DarthShadie and other members of the OT, as well as a rumored "friends-with-benefits" scenario with known ally, jadda (story is uncomfirmed). Also, he once proposed a mass exodus, declaring that the 2010 members of the OT were a group of retards that did not realize the role of Sobchak or other old trollers. This debate was calmed within a week of flame wars in the OT. (see OT Hideout or Steam Safehouse)

At one point, in an attempt to kill time while everyone was bored, LordRevanII decided to make a Fast Food restraunt on Alderaan while serving MrEvilDude as the main course and his head was kept in a pedestal on a crystal ball to entertain little kids. When Alderaan was destroyed, a new one was built on Coruscant, and a third on Naboo, and this one came with a theme park! MrEvilDude has since escaped and continues to enjoy his wonderful life of forum-trolling and head-crushing. He currently resides in his own kingdom, where he rules without challenge. In his castle, he often host meetings of the OT Council, as well as Spanky's Asian Hooker Closet and


Radical MufasasistEdit

The idea that Mufasa, the father of Simba in The Lion King, is the largest BA in the history of the 20th century. MrEvilDude stressed the importance of this aspect after spring break in 2010. While reasons are still unknown for this passion, it is still entertaining to watch him go on about Mufasa. The source of "Radical Mufasasict" is still unknown.

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