Mojor with his helmet

Mojorfett frequently has arguments with Vappy, he has yet to lose any of them. Actually he has never lost anything, along with SurgeonIII. Fukk your mom.

Retarded BioEdit

Born in a dumpster, Majorfett is the very first baby to take the title of a "dumpster baby". One of the very known traits of Majorfett is that he has the natural scent of fish and top ramen, another more obvious trait is that his body hair grows at an abnormal rate. Majorfett attended film school in Houston, Texas.

His directorial debut was a well known B-movie, titled, "Purinsumphobia: Why Me?" which narrated the tale of a boy and his fear of trash cans. Well known film critic Roger Ebert gave the film a -5/5, saying the film was "The worse movie I have ever seen, I can not believe I just wasted two hours of my life on this film. I would rather drink horse piss for two hours straight, than to ever watch that movie again",