Meesh was one of the first OT'ers and has remained steadfastly behind the mods in her long time here. And she joined them... She betrayed the OT like Arthas betrayed mankind or like the one who framed Rodger Rabbit... She became one of the mods... Some say it is a conspiracy to initiate a second purge...


There once was a girl named Meesh, who once ate some very bad quiche. Along came a rancor, she called him a w***er, and that's why she's now pregnant.

She's completely obsessed with KOTOR, and is holding Richard Pryor as a love slave in her basement.

Fact: RobSwift had a cat named Meesh once.

Fact: Meesh has the largest collection of KOTOR and KOTOR2 Fan Fiction anywhere on the internet or in space!

Fact: Her bowels recently exploded from over-exposure of truth from RobSwift.

Fact: She mildly peeved when you post links to articles on that describe step by step how to tell your gf she's fat.

Fact: She has appeared numerous times on the Maury Show trying to find her baby's daddy. Truth is however, she has no baby and she's just using the show as a dating service. 

 Her Life Edit

Has been spent trolling the forums by day and mysterious activities by night.


She is the one who started the trend of obsessive linking and angry flaming when tired.

WARNING! Handle with Care. Meesh has a worse temperament than Naomi Watson on a period, but when not PMS'ing may be OK. Made in China. And caution, she cybers the forum moderators to get her enemies banned.