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Guild: The OT Alliance
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Allies: Branch, Daroska, Grimeth, OT
Enemies: Burkman
Current Location: New OT, The Twin Spears
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Class: Gunslinger
Role-Play: Eh maybe

Meat in-game

Meatlocker is a 10er that indirectly and directly had a lot to do with the OT's history. He was a member of the SW section and was granted, by the Mods, the OP of the Kotor Elimination game. Eventually, there became many other games and they were moved to the OT. While one of the Elimination gamers, Branch became a OT'er, Meat simply ignored it, coming only to the games. Eventually, the two members started the OT Alliance, which they asked Meat to be a member of its Council.

Fresh From The Locker

Meatlocker joined the TOR forums in February of 2010 after reading about Star Wars the Old Republic in EGM and canceling his World of Warcraft Subscribtion. He immediately happened upon a thread in the Smuggler forums titled Kill the Person in Front of You beacause... Because of this Meatlocker decided to become a smuggler only later did he decided to actually look up the abilities of smugglers in the holonet.

In the Smuggler Forum, Meatlocker met future OT'er Daroska and just as cool nude Japanese Guy Yuki. Meatlocker eventually decided to move to the Star Wars Discussion Forums after he was exiled from the World of Warcraft Lore Discussion Forums for suggesting Worgen hailed from the Emerald Dream (WHO IS LAUGHING NOW SILVERFLAME!!!!!)

Journey to the OT

Meat's first encounter with the OT came in a mispost in a thread entilted "Why I believe Cheese to be God..." after much disconcering posts Meat hid a corner only to join the OT after the fabled TOR elimnation games were moved.

The TOR companion elimination games were a hurt and heal style game centered around the various companion characters in KOTOR I&II. Meat had never (and still hasn't) played KOTOR and decided to join out of a deep hidden need to fit in. Eventually the games were moved due to their cluttering nature and never ending battle over who was a better character Mission, Bastila, Visas Marr, and HK-47.

With the games finally entering the OT, Meat became more involved often commenting on how much he hated Texas and America.

Joinning the OT Alliance

Meat became a counciler for the smugglers. He then when on a two week camping trip and was removed for inactivity.

Scott's evil twin?

One day the Oter's were discussing their opposites on the forum, Meatlocker suggested that Branch was his opposite since Branch " was conservative" and Meatlocker "was correct." Branch quoted the statement and changed it to say Branch "was right wing" and Meatlocker "was wrong wing." This small change lead to the most intense debate involving politics in Ot history.

After a heated debated between Meatlocker and Scott over healthcare, Obama,and Houston Toads the new politics section of the New OT was formed.

In a later thread Scott referred to Meatlocker as "his evil twin," Meatlocker was later seen writing in his diary that Scott is his eviler twin.

Attacks on the General Forums

After the The Deletion Meatlocker particpated in several attacks on the General Forum such as a rick roll thread, comparing World of Warcraft to Trent Reznor's Hurt and Star Wars the Old Republic to Johnny Cash's verison of the same song, suggesting TOR would have more of an economic impact than Sarah Palin, and starting a petition to get a character named after him in game. Most of these threads were deleting excluding (strangley enough) the petition to have a character named after him. Now in his spare time Meatlocker bumps positive threads about SWTOR while cussing out posters in negative threads.

Current Location

Meatlocker lives in a special corner of awesomeness known as Texas.


He has eleven Causa points!

Scott took away one man card

Daroska [+1 Cookie'd] this