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Join Date: June 2010
Avatar: Hat Smuggler
Gender: Male
Guild(s): Pax Republic
Other Group(s): N/A
Alternate Account(s): 1
Banned Account(s): 0
Allies: The OT Alliance and supporters
Enemies: Little to none. Selkath
Current Location: SWTOR
Game Info

Lvl 50 Smuggler

Role-Play: Yes

"Ahh yes, everything has gone according to my master plan! Muahahahaha! Muahahahahahahaha!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"


Matieu is the strangely intellectual Finnish President of the OT Alliance and one of its co-founders. A man of few words and many times popping up unexpected. He's hated by some and loved by others, just try to catch him in a good mood. Some people consider him an evil mastermind, as shown by the quote above. Other's think he's just weird.

The Creation

Joining in one of the later days in June 2010, Matieu was a rather unknown poster with an unknown history. For weeks, he wandered around the forums, commenting here and there, but not really doing anything. But it all changed when he arrived at the doors to the OT. Matieu had high hopes, wondering if this was where he would find enlightenment. Unfortunately, Matieu was mugged and tossed into Star Wars Discussion. Matieu cursed the OT, promising never to return. He wandered about SWD, finally making a successful thread, a poll asking which trailer, Hope, or Decieved, was preferred.

Sadly, the Mods created a similar thread in the polls section, and mugged him, removing the thread and having him accused of stealing the ideas. Those little fuckers... Matieu then attempted to enter the OT Forums again, more experienced now, with greater skills. He was mugged again and tossed out. Then, Matieu found the Elimination Game threads. Matieu began to take part in these, and when they were moved to the OT Forums, he rode in on their coattails, passing by the bums who would have mugged him. Again. With that, Matieu had successfully joined the amazing forums -- The OT.

Life in The OT

''I can't tell if your lime color is more atrocious or disgusting, or both."

"I try to get an even amount of atrociousness and disgusting inside all of my posts."

- One of Matieu's first conversations, with the Lady Vappy.

Matieu quickly became known for ripping off the Lime font from Qpac (Though he had no idea who Qpac was before Jetbounty told him. And So Matieu began life in the OT Forums, a rather unknown and dull life, where people would ask, "Who the hell is this guy?" But things began to change as Matieu made new friends in the forums, with more people, including ForceGrandMaster, Branch, Jetbounty, and Aiclis.

Rise to Infamy

''Matieu is my best friend on the whole forum!"


- A conversation between Aiclis and Matieu.

Matieu began to become even more known to the forum when Bobabounty made his own OT Elimination Game. Matieu began to troll it, trying to get in thinking that it would get him noticed. Boba raged, and Matieu began his long war with Boba. The Boba/Matieu wars would last for half a year, only ending in April. But that is a story for another time. With the OT Elimination game, Matieu began to get more fame in the OT (Though he still got the "Who the hell is this guy" quite often) It all changed when the OT Guild Elections came. Orchestrated by a fellow unknown member, Branch hoped to create an OT Guild.

Matieu had no idea what he was getting into, and thought this was a joke, so he signed up. Not paying much attention, he somehow made it to the finals against Branch. Matieu asked himself, "What the hell did I get into?" but he was commited. After a long election (Where many accuse Branch of foul play, though he denies it blaming Fiat) Branch eventually resigned from the elections, and Matieu had become President. He would take the job to heart and begin work in creating the Guild. Now I'm not gonna go into this shit, go to the OT Alliance page if you want to know. With the Guild information underway, more people noticed Matieu (Although some of them hated him for presuming to be the leader of the OT) Matieu continued forward, however, until he got into a conspiracy with XFracture, determined to troll Matieu.

X accused Matieu of making horrible racist threads, and being unfit to lead anything. Matieu had no idea what was going on, and defended himself. Eventually, Matieu and XFracture PMed on the issue, and X admitted to lying, though proclaimed, "Nobody will believe you though." It turns out, they did, and XFracture slowly withdrew his trolling of Matieu, in favor of hunting Vappy.

Life in the New OT

Not much happened until the OT Deletion, where Matieu began to advertise the Alliance more, finally recruiting more people to the forums, to make a new free OT. Here though, he encountered yet another enemy. Branch. His former VP began, according to Matieu, to abuse his powers. Matieu confronted him on it, and the former friends had a falling out, as Branch was removed from Admin. Later, Matieu had him removed from VP as well, and Branch was angry at the loss of power. Some people speculate why this was done, and say Matieu had no good reason. Others believe that it had to be done, and don't question it. Regardless, one of Matieu's oldest friends was now his enemy.

Soon, Boba arrived at the New OT Forums, and the two enemies became good friends, finally declaring peace. Though when Matieu made a new friend out of an enemy, he did have the new enemy in Branch. Matieu began to rebuild the OTA, and led it through a Golden Age. Soon though, Branch and Matieu put the past aside, and decided to work together for the great of the alliance. Sometimes, they were friends, at other tim
1325920-hansolo10 super

Matieu negotiating

es, the two fought eachother. Despite this, it seemed to be working out. Perhaps.

As Matieu was now one of the best known posters in the New OT, he and the Lady Vaseline became friends. Eventually, they became in love (Not really, but play along). Vaseline now resides in Matieu's bed, and they are good friends. He also made friends with a majority of the forum, and his rise from useless unknowingness was done.

The OT Alliance

Main Page: The OT Alliance

Matieu was one of the founders of the OTA and first President. Because of the OTA he became one of the most influential members of the OT ever. He was one of the first OTers to reach the level cap on a character upon release. In the months since release he has managed to get 6 50s, by a clever use of having no life. He has proven to be a fair and just President as well as a great gamer which helps any arguements if he ever needed. He and Branch still sometimes bicker about who had more to do with the OT Alliance's creation. While Matieu has been President since the begining and has led the OT to golden times, he eventually disbanded the guild.

As core members, including CollaWars, Grimeth, left the game, Matieu made the decision to give up on the OTA and end it, not allowing anyone to become Leader other than himself. He went to Nemesis and got the few to come with him. Wilbourn's alt, Varek was made President (though not to his knowledge until Branch told him... AFTER the server transfer). Though later, the server died and so did Nemesis. Now Matieu plays in Pax Republica with Jedibantha.


"He returned like a child who ran away from their parents when he abandoned them like a dickhead." - Burkman

"Went ahead and dealth with this in a PM, not dragging this out unnecesarily." - Matieu

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