"When life gives you Mandos, make Mando'ade."


An insult birthed from a hatred of the guild, Beskar and their leader blur. To call someone a Mando is to imply that they are a homosexual. a similar meme was coined by Fipps, before he turned to the dark side, "in before blur" became synonymous with "in before lock" whenever the topic of mando was touched upo

The antonym of Mando is Lando - a specimen of suave masculinity. The proper term for traps is Trando.

The meme was born after the epic troll thread regarding same sex romances was closed because Sean claimed that "no such terms exist in Star Wars" and the media was informed. It turned out there were such terms as there were two male Mandalorians who were a same sex couple. The media forced Sean to apologize and even to this day....after being relaunched every 1k posts, the greatest troll thread in SWTOR, still stands. (As of lately, stood.)

The meme itself is considered by the mods to be "tired and inappropriate" after the mods had finally discovered its true meaning. Though, noticeably it took them quiet a while to realize that the term Mando was inciting laugh riots and a ton of butthurt- and we mean that in every possible way. One can only assume that the Moderator's greatest weakness might just be a weak Mando-dar. Since the change of watch the new moderators do not seem to respond to the term.