The Intelligent American: MX

"Conquering others is awesome. Those victories come with tangible, substantial, and monetary rewards. If anyone tries to take those victories from you, you conquer them too....and put them on spikes"


MXIII is a fairly known OTer and is a pretty cool guy. He is a member of the OT Alliance Council in the New OT.


MXIII Hails from the flourishing and legendary Land of the Setting Sun (California). Picked up a controller for the first time in May 1992, playing games like Super Mario World, Robo Cop, and Mega Man. In 1995 His family bought their first personal computer, an ACER running Microsoft Windows 3.1. MXIII's first PC games were Doom, Heretic, Wolfenstein, Bloodwings, Sim City, and Command and Conquer. MXIII has personally lived through the rise of Microsoft, utilizing all of their software suites from 3.1 to Win 7.

MXIII discovered internet communities when he was 13, his first chat room being The Lost World, to his dismay it had nothing to do with Jurrassic Park. Online gaming never really interested him until the release of Star Wars: Galaxies, MXIII's first MMO.

MXIII now currently Serves in The united States Air Force, and is patiently awaiting the arrival of Star Wars: The Old Republic. He currently Serves as a council member in the OT Alliance , representing the Sith Empire under the OT Empire branch, led by Grimeth .

MMO History

MXIII was first introduced to the MMO by a friend in High School who showed him was stupid.Then SWG was released

Star Wars Galaxies

MXIII now a high school graduate purchased his first MMO, and entered the world of the Star Wars Universe. As a Zabrak TK master, and Rifleman, MXIII whos character name slaughtered countless other names in order to achieve its unholy existence (Aevaihabee Kaimie) joines up with the strong and proud Imperial guild RECON. MXIII served under RECON, as chief recruiter, Council Member, and eventually governer, before SWG fell into ruins the guild split accross servers, and MXII decided okay it was time to give WOW a shot.

World of Warcraft

MXIII had a love hate relationship with WOW. As a fan of Warcraft 2, he couldnt stand Warcraft III, and it seemed WoW was really just World of Warcraft III to him. His first character was a Night Elf Hunter, and after 30 days of trial time, he put the game away in disgust and thought..."What the hell is this shit."

Then a year later The Burning Crusade was released, and MXIII got 10 more days of trial time. This time he joined the Horde, and created a Blood Elf Paladin named Amazigh. Maybe it was the lack of a purple sky and wierd wisps and fru fru music, maybe it was the faster leveling, who knows, but MXIII purchased a sub. A few weeks in MXIII made many friends and reached level 20, and with his closest in-game buddies together they created The Crimson Order, a guild for Paladins and Priests.

The fledgling guild did good for awhile, had respectable numbers, and a number of content dungeons under its belt. However MXIII became disenchanted with the game...and busy with College, and he left the game once again, and The Crimson Order went dormant.

6 months had past, and MXIII felt a renewed vision for WOW, and his old guild The Crimson Order, and like a dark prophet of death, destruction, and sufering returned to his old guild, to find only 5 members left...and only one who was still active. However MXIII's vision was clear, his purpose set, and with his old friend Solara, they recruited a new batch of fresh warriors, and by fresh I mean between level 10, 13, 15 a few 14s, etc.

A mix of Charisma, Dedication, and being level 50 went along way in inspiring the new recruits. MXIII fostered tended and raised his young Guild, running them through every dungeon, every quest, every continent, until finally they matched his character level, and together they went through the Dark Portal, and they Faced the Demons of the Burning Legion.

The Crimson Order soon made many Allies amongst other guilds such as The Crimson Order, We Got This, and Death Ponies. The Bank swelled with Gold, Relics, Crafting Mats, and achieved a net worth of thousands of ingame gold. Recruits were coming in droves, and The Crimson Order Flourished under the Leadership of Amazigh (MXIII), and his four Officers, Wolf, Kubber, Velindra, and Solara. Then Wrath of The Lich King released, Kubber started a coup and went off to create the Crimson Wave (Which failed horribly) Solara got married, Vel got bored of the Game...and after 2 long years, the Crimson Order was handed over to Wolf, and Amazigh became a Death Knight and went off on his own because content was soloable now.

MXIII made it to level 80 as a free agent before finally putting the game away forever...and while waiting for the roumered new Star Wars MMO picked up Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

The days of Warhammer were short but sweet. MXIII joined a dying community and from the bottom fo the barrel scraped together what dedicated players he could find and together they founded, Evil Bastards, a Chaos PvP guild. They spent 4 months recruiting out of Battlegrounds, Scenarios, and Capital Cities, pillaging and plundering everything they could find.

Unfortunately MXIII got bored with Warhammer, and left the guild in the charge of his second in command, whose name he cant remember. This was the last MMO he ever played for any serious amount of time.

Joining The OT