"Bad boy! No cookie for you!" -LordRevanII <--- HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA -_-


LordRevanII is a relatively new guy in the OT who has been known for his slight obsession with Darth Revan and occasionally transcribes his posts in a southern accent y'all! And doing so makes him a totally lame and retarded person. You see, posting rate the song above good songs is okay, bad songs too... But LordRevanII is so anoying that he only knows star wars music aparently or only parodies. His lack of humor astounds even members that are as Mando as it get's. Like Gaden_Lobtron.

Theme Song

His theme song is ripped off from the Electric Six song and is called "Gay Bar" ]

Trends Started

None, he is just a lameass


LordRevanII has the power of passing out and crapping his pants. Wether he uses it for good or evil!

Random IMPORTANT! Facts

Other random important facts about LordRevanII

Future Employment

A fucking bum!


His mom should have terminated it...

Suicide Rumor

During his first attempt to derail an OT thread by posting a link to this article, LordRevanII accidentally triggered a series of events that led to the people of the OT assuming that he had unfortunatly commited suicide, breaking all the hearts of the OT. LordRevanII had to post up a public denial:

"No, I am not dead nor am I in a coma. This is because the POWAA OF DA DARK SIDE <--- Display of bad humor keepss <--- Please type normal me alive! "

despite this, he was still assumed dead and was mourned throughout the OT. (And blood is supposed to come out of your anus while you sneeze!)

He finally made rumors die down by revealing for the second time his +20 Red Lightsaber of Life, and the rumors have since appeared to die down.

(Most people only wish it was true, but sadly we all have to live with it that he is alive.)

[returned to it's better state]