Leya is one of the greatest mysteries of the OT. Leya is a child predator. Some really stupid OTers believe that Leya is Meesh, and/or DonnaPrior.

She suffers from a condition named "Delusions of OT grandeur" In which she sees herself as Ruler of the OT, Pope of the Church of BioWare Positivity and Awesome story writer. Silly bitch. She also wants to date her sister's boyfriend's brother, but she's too chicken, and thus will never get leya'd. It is believed by some that Leya is in fact -Sibrand. There was a series of story's written by a great novelist of our time about Sibrand and his alternate personality Leya.

Of course this series of Sibrand Facts are exclusive to Selkath members and drug-addict guests. Although they are both ginger, so it balances. :-/ All assumptions about Leya's identity are incorrect. She is in fact, a sack full of angry cats with gonorrhea. Once added most of OT on MSN, revealing good looking pictures as herself. After a while she denied they were her and said it was one of her friends, she then blocked everyone the MSN due to horny male nerds trying to get their wicked way with her MSN avatar.

In reality

Leya is a cool poster who contributes good material to the OT, despite his/her identity. Tends to be a nice person. Some have drawn the comparison between Shoshana and Leya, mostly because of the identical avatar used on the SWTOR page. Later, she became a Councilor of the OT Alliance but was removed because she was inactive.

Final verdict: Well known and well loved by the majority of us on the OT, mainly because of the unique and awesome personality.