Lepras: "Hey, I hope you're wearing a flame-retardant vest after that post. Haha, RETARDANT. The Irony."

Torm: "Made me giggle."

-Lepras and Torm discuss Krakken.

Jedi Master Lepras (JMLepras or Lepras) is known on the forums for his dry wit, his concealed cynicism, being such a big part of The Church of BioWare Positivity and his obsessive Google-linking compulsions. He is a leader of the The Fillorean Society. Currently he is on a break or somethin'.


"Sarah Palin couldn't be more right wing if she had an rifle in one hand, pictures of her hard-working family in the other, and was standing on a pile of dead mexicans." - Lepras on Sarah Palin.

After joining the forums in early January, he began work in the OT in Febuary, offering simple comments and observations to threads during the golden era of the Forums.


Remember this now.

JML came into his own after a thread by AuronStarglider (originally entitled "Right-Wing Extremism could be on the Rise) was one he jumped into with joy, and there he made his name in the OT. He spearheaded the thread's renaming and revamping as "Political Discussions" and the thread ran on and on, gaining several hundered posts in its time.

Ultimately, however, a load of complete douchebags came in and flamed people for thier political beliefs. It was repeated on another thread entitled "The Bible is a bunch of baloney" in which arguments that JML took part in were blown out of proportion, so that coupled with utter chaos and madness in the OT forced the mighty hands of Dahlberg and Crider down upon the heads of the OT.

In one fell swoop they disbanded access to the old OT forums completely and utterly, destroying many month's good trolling in thier wake. Simoultaenously, Dahlberg hired a group of (in)famous mods, chief amongst them Donna Prior and Tyler Rowe, to destroy the remnants of the old OT. Once the forums were back up and running, huge protests erupted as all politics, infraction discussions, religion threads and various others were banned. When the veterans of the Old OT like Torm and Baraja took a stand, they were banned for trolling.

It was in the wake of this carnage that JML created a new identity for himself, taking the tools of the old OTers and proclaiming himself to be a veteran. Soon, after many months hard trolling and lol-linking, he succeeded in his quest to become well-known on the forums. One of the most important factors in his rise was the Church of BioWare positivity.

Today JML leads his own Republic RP guild and comes to the OT to relax and flame a little.

He also has no real friends, except the 140 people who added him on Facebook which he does know in real life so shut up you ninja mando pee pee boy! >:(

Lepras was the last person to befriend Torm before his exile, a title that was long thought held by MuffinTop.


"It's Lepras, dammit! Lepras with an E!" - Lepras on the similarity between his name and Lapras, the water Pokémon.

JML, JMLepras, Nickman, Nickman94, Nicktheterrorist, Tellen Silversun, Telly, Redcoat, Blade Lepras, Halber Lepras, Dynamo.

Your Turn!

"West Coast, throw it up!" -KevyD

"East Coast, throw it up!" - Yakkatak

"The Meal you ate last night, throw it up!" - Lepras

Post what you know JML as:

  • JML: I know him as me.
  • arob knows him as another Off-Topic-er. Which is AWESOME.
  • JvS: I know him as the first person brave enough to make an article about himself in a place anyone can edit. (What about JaelanMustal?)
  • Nonamehere: I know him... as... wait who is he anyway?
  • Spanky: Why so serious?!
  • Because I can be.
  • I know him as some who's page I really want to mess with. But I haven't though of a good way to do it yet!
  • JM: I know him as the ninja the editpwned my page. It's cool though!
  • RandomTroll: Yes.
  • The Selkath "community": Ginger.
  • ^^Cunts


Lepras leads his own Republic Roleplaying Guild, The Fillorean Society.