The Cookie of Leadership

Many OTers cross into the way of the OT. Some came for a good time. Some were just born great. Some pushed on to create a greater OT. Some OTers joined forces for a greater cause. The OT is a free place. It's a place where the people are the true leaders. If you look at the Mandalorians, then you will see many similarities in the two. One similarity is the leader or the Mand'alor. The Mand'alor rules the Mandalorians in "general leadership". Much was the same for the OT. Nobody actually ruled it, but others had a greater presense than others. However in 2010, this changed.



Darka & Meesh


Darka, Great OT Leader

The Duo of Awesome. The two ruled most of the OT during the Pre-Purge times with what is called a gentle, yet iron fist. All respected. Before the Purge began and Meesh joined the Mods, she had aquired almost 10,000 posts on the forum. Today, Darka has over 25,000 posts. Not only were they Leaders of the OT, they were champions of the forums. However,

after the Purge, Darka would stop posting the OT and Meesh would change sides.

The Four Winds

The Four Winds consisted of Torm, JessicaGrove, Baraja and Isis (??). These members were frequent posters and were given the name by the whispers of the others. Soon the Winds decided to create a website and a guild. It was called Torm's Super Awesome Team (they would attempt to change the name later before the Purge occured).

Sobchak small.preview

Glorified leader of the OT


Sobchak is well known in today's OT. He is known by some as a god, but known by the elders as another poster. Either way, he is an influential poster in the history of the OT. As a leader, he leads a group of followers. Selkath (guild) states he is a member. His followers are those that exaggerate his fame. Even though he has died out over the years.

Purge & Aftershock


Gavyyn was an 09er that came during Febuary. He grew in fame during the 4 months he would have with the OT and soon became a good friend with the great Torm. In a popularity poll with the greatest trolls and posters involved. Gavyyn recieved second place, losing only to Torm himself by 18 votes. The Purge came, and Torm the Great was the first to fall. Gavyyn saw it as his place to lead the OT against the Mods. He was struck down after a fight with DonnaPrior.


After the Purge, the OT was nothingness. There were no leaders. Besides the few 08ers that stuck around for the forums. The OT was mostly n00bs. However one day, Shoshana arrived. She brought forth a new age. The n00bs wanted to follow her and the veterans saw her fit. The OT was calm for awhile. In a Silver Age under Shoshana. When she left the OT plunged into what it was before her.


After Shoshana the OT became nothingness. When Shoshana left many other OTers did to. They saw Shoshana as their only hope for survival. The OT was now seperated. New comers and veterans were the population. All the new comers were seen as useless. DarthGodzilla delcared himself Emperor of the OT, but he was forgotten. Bobabounty attempted to create a poll to decide the new leader. This gained him a bad reputation that he would live with until the Deletion. Also made was an OT Council comprised of the veterans. This worked a small bit, but was soon forgotten by its members.


Logo of the OTA

The Noobs (AoD)

The final team of users to have the OT before its destruction. The Noobs (also known as the Angels of Death (lol)) comprised of Jetbounty, Branch, Matieu and SurgeonIII. Surgeon became their ticket to the team's success, but soon went away. The team was now only three, but Matieu and Branch soon made the OT Alliance 3 months after their debut in the OT. The guild would surpase it's successor, Torm's Super Awesome Team, as the OT guild. The OTA would take the OT under it's wing and nurtered it before and after the Deletion.

New OT

Scott & The Admins

The Admins of New OT comprised of, Guardian Scott, Causa, Matieu, Branch and PJsnaks. These five were the few that posted on New OT before the Deletion. Scott created the site, PJ was head of security, Causa was the smiley guy and Matieu and Branch created the OT Alliance. After the Deletion, Branch started to abuse his powers and became corrupted by power. This led to the Branch Wars and soon, Branch was removed from power. Later, PJ and Causa would be removed for less important reasons. This left Scott and Matieu as the only Admins.

Now, Matieu has resigned from his admin position who shortly after abandoned the OT for good. Scott held an election afterwards which a number of OTers had applied for the admin position. These people were CollaWars, Branch, Burkman, and BobaBounty. Burkman had won this election with a whopping 9 votes. Burkman now currently resides as the OT's co-admin.

Matieu & The Council

Main Article: OT Alliance Council

The OT Alliance Council. It governed the OT Alliance and ultimately the OT after the Deletion. Matieu and Branch the creators of OTA and the Council were the main players in the Council. They would pick and choose the Council members while the OT Alliance itself grew. However, the Branch Wars occured, tearing the long time friends apart. Matieu then created his own Council instead of becoming a dictator.

Since Matieu's departure from the OT, The OT Alliance Council no longer exists, for the OT Legacy is no longer a guild website.


Main Article: The Wolfpack

Another group from New OT. But unlike the other two, this was forged from nothing like The Noobs and The Four Winds. This group contained KingWilbourn, CollaWars, Daroska and SoupWithSauce. Many OTers wished to be a member and claimed to be. However to be a member, you must be approved by all of the members. Only one has been approved, Scott, the Head Admin.