Laserlasher: TO  member Edit

This guy from Star Wars:The Old Off Topic Section is a guy you'll want to meet. He survived the OT purge (a purge which banned many members of TOR). He is usually found in the threads like "Last One to Post Wins" or "The 'Cantina" .

The Cantina Edit

The Cantina involves a bar out in the Mid-Rim. He was fist there after a confrontation with Bantis, a Sith who wishes to kill all Jedi who try to fight instead of making peace.

After fighting Bantis, laserlasher escaped to the Cantina disguised as a bounty hunter. Finding SpankyV, a rouge trooper wanted by the Republic for the murder of his companions, laserlasher's interests changed to capturing SpankyV and find out why he killed his men.

Soon it was found that SpankyV was innocent and the charges were dropped.

Months later, Bantis resurfaced, and tried to kill laserlasher at the bar. Bantis soon found out that he was outnumbered, and escaped.

Ever since, laserlasher has vowed to find Bantis and destroy him once and for all.

Further information will follow soon.