An elegible prize for anyone who wins the thread.

"Did I win?"

-a noobs question apon entering the thread

&nbsp L12PW Thread is short for "Last One To post On This Thread Wins". It is a game in the OT.


The goal is simple: Be the last one to post on the thread before the mods lock it. To increase your postcount. Because the mods only lock them when it reaches over a thousand posts, it often takes weeks to finish a game. But the one that wins will not only win, but will also epic win. A win worthy of recieving a cookie given as an award.


A Spammer's Paradise

While the OP of this thread is unknown, it was won by no other than the legendary Sobchak.

The Chosen Thread!

Created by Narissh and lasted for 1,436 posts just to be won by LaserLasher.

Stayin' Alive!

Created by MrEvilDude who apparently loves disco. Lasted for 1,128 posts and won by Shoshana! Yay!

Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Edition!

Created by Vidgamer to celebrate Star Wars and to kill Shoshana :( ! After 1,302 posts, it was won by a stupid RobotZombieNinja :( ! Damn You GuyFawkes!... No, It Was RobotZombieNinja!

E3 Edition!

The most epic thread to date! Created by Vidgamer in a futile attempt to be epic himself, the people of the OT battled to the death for 2,101 POSTS! The last man standing was LordRevanII who took home Da Winz!

Lazy Mods!

So ya, CollaWars got mad at the mods for waiting an extra 100 pages while everyone else was being epic.

New OT

The first New OT L12PW was created by unvincible and won by Wilbourn.