"Silence, you fool."

The JediBantha

- Jedibantha's voices

Jedibantha is a semi-frequent poster on the SW:TOR Off Topic forums. Joining some time after the OT Purge, and becoming an OT poster soon after.

Personality and Beginings

He is needy and asks people to tell him he is good looking and has a nice personality, or he will kill himself. Jedibantha started as an RPer, to whom the OT was but a dream, but soon, he finally made the voyage to the lower left side of the forums. He has since become a fairly frequent poster in all forums and in the OT, is sometimes funny, but not often, and it's usually the voices that are funny.

Thomas Jefferson of the Alliance

In the November of 2010 a group of newer members including Matieu and Branch started an election in which Jedibantha joined as a Postican. He was out voted by Branch who had originally posted the elections. Later on
Cuddly Bantha


Matieu would win the larger elections and became President of an OT guild. When Branch (the appointed Vice President) created the recruitment thread, he and a few others were main supporters of the OT Alliance.

Matieu and Branch were now to decide the Council for this new guild. Being the only Jedi besides Branch, Bantha was chosen as the Jedi Coucilor while Darth Casus was chosen as the Sith counterpart. As Councilors, Casus made the first website as Bantha typed the first draft of the Alliance's Constitution. This made him to be known as the Thomas Jefferson of the Alliance.

The Deletion and Removal

On April 22, 2011, the OT was deleted as promised by the Moderators. The OT Alliance rallied OTers to the website to secure the OT. However, in this Jedibantha slowly stopped coming to the OT. He stopped in maybe once a month for the usual stuff and when Branch was removed from the VP position, but other than that he wasn't coming because of real life business.

Eventually, he was removed from the Council for being inactive. He hopefully start posting more and take a place on the high spots of the OT.