Sad panda 2

Grimeth on a good day

"-.-" - Grimeth

"^__^" - Grimeth

Grimeth is a member of the old OT back in 2010. He is best friends with Ulyaoth, and the mortal enemy of DarthNemis. He is a sad panda. He is also a zombie. He is also a Pandasaurous Pex. In truth Grim is a polar bear... but oiled large splotches of his body to be hip. The BP's oil induced bi-polarizm into him. He quickly made friends with many of the OTers and later would become and important part of The OT Alliance.

Known Types of Grimeth:

Sad Panda


Pandasaurous Rex


Painfully Paitriotic Panda

Fun Facts

Grimeth is a compulsive liar.

Give him bamboo and he'll lick yer toes.

Grim did not get paid by his uncle.

Grim did get paid by his uncle...

Grim did not pay his uncle

Grimeth hates people who says he hates black folks.

Grimeth's uncle bought him a $20,000 dollar computer.