The GoBetty

GoBetty is a girl forum troll. Some time ago she was being laughed at when she told OT she is a girl. She went on a quest to prove them that she was. She is one of the only 2 girls on SW-TOR's OT forums that proven the fact that girls to exist on the interwebz. That makes her pretty epic.

Old History

She was the creator of the first and second ill-fated Faces of the OT threads, which gained sticky status untill things actually became sticky within said threads. She also has developed a following of spotty forum noobs and legends alike.

Chief among her recent conquests was the first and only successful trolling of the OT Cantina, resulting in the total derailment of the thread. It is also well known that she is the only zombie who will troll you WHILE eating your brains. Also hawt.

-Update on hostilities-

While GoBetty and ForceGrandmaster had somewhat of a large public battle over the Selkath forums which involved many people, ForceGrandmaster has come to the conclusion that GoBetty is, infact, a relatively cool person. FGM now enjoys GoBetty's humor, and seems to share some of GoBetty's good taste in music. Indeed, the Off-Topic and Selkath would not be the same without GoBetty's sarcastic (but often VERY good) humor.

(No one actually cares or cared about this "feud", except for FGM)

Sexuality Allegations


After several months of posting on Selkath, GoBetty was accused of being a lesbian by various members of the forums due to her compulsion towards nude Twi'lek signatures labelling the genetalia gratuatiously. JMLepras picked up on this and began to spread rumours of GoBetty's questionable sexuality. After a fiery confrontation on the @Shoshana thread, the topic was resolved and GoBetty was pronounced Straight. Unfortunately she immediately began humping DarthSnuggles' leg when the verdict was handed down, making the entire judgment suspect.