Crocodile dundee xl 01-film-a

GSG with his croc, mate

"Good'ay Mate!"


GiantSpiderGoat first joined the OT in 2009 and soon became accustom too visiting The Star Wars Old Republic forums while he was on his break. GiantSpiderGoat has been is noted for many of his posts containing humour and often at times humour that no one else gets. He took a one year hiatus from the forums due to dueling education and working, so that he could support himself. He briefly came back as SilverBadger to the TOR forums just before the OT was taken down for good.

GiantSpiderGoat like other members now resides in the OT Alliance forums and is one of the controversial members of the Wolfpack that consist of fellow posters CollaWars, PimpWilbourn, SoupWithSauce and Daroska. He is noted as been the dingo member of the Wolfpack as he is Australian.