"Why am I NOT on the OT forums wiki?!!!!" -Gavyyn

"I was permabanned...but now I'm back." -Gavyyn

"I lobve you you ,like roots love tge water thnaszt falls rom the rain." - Torm


Not much is known of this mysterious forum member except to OT veterans. However, it is said that the well-known forum users JvS and Lepras know more of his intriguing past...

By his own account, not only a survivor, but a victim of the fabled Great Purge. An event of which the details is known only to the "old timers" of the SW:TOR community.

Gavyyn joined the forums during the "Golden Age" of the OT, when Torm and his prophets ruled the land. The OT itself had expanded decisively into the General Discussion with many epic threads including FallenChicken's "Sarlaacs as a playable race", Torm and Baraja's "Popscicle lightsaber thread", the "GLBT discrimination" and original "Same Sex romances in SWTOR" threads.

Gavyyn himself being a PvPer at heart had founded a small Republic PvP guild called the "Republic Armed Forces". While not originally a member of the OT, Gavyyn became the padawan of Baraja and soon rose to win the admiration of Master Torm himself.

During the waning days of the OT Gavyyn reached his zenith as many other valuable OT members joined up until the time of E3 2009. When the OT was shut down right before Biowares E3 2009 presentation, the last glorious post of the OT was posted by him. The Purge began immediately, Torm made the ultimate sacrifice and was the first to be permanently banned. Sometime before the purge, TheMortonator had made a poll titled: "Troll Overlord".

Torm won by a landslide of 21 votes, Gavyyn was first runner up with 9 votes, understanding his duty to the OT, Gavyyn waged war against the scourge of the new mods. While other powerful trolls fought against SilvanoMando and his pedovan, Gavyyn engaged DonnaPrior, Meesh the Betrayer, and Fipps the Deciever.

He made and posted epic demotivational posters with each of thier respective photographs submitted via "Faces of the OT" thread. His last heroic move was against DonnaPrior herself, who had made the grevious mistake in confessing to have a mild learning disability. Gavyyn went all over it and used this to make his last daring assault in the defense of the OT.

When the smoke cleared, Gavyyn was permabanned by DonnaPrior herself, for no "official" reason; the second of the Great Ones to fall, and for nearly an entire year, his memory passed out of all knowledge as the Purge continued and more of the OT veterans who knew him were purged or silenced. During these dark times, the Republic Armed Forces collapsed in his absense, the first guild with a "Darka Stamp of Approval" to fail.

Also during these times, a newer and weaker OT emerged, but it was not even a shadow of its former glory. One miraculous day, Gavyyn made an email to Bioware support, cynically asking if they were ever going to send him the email stating why he had been permanantly banned. In a bizzare twist of fate, his account was reactivated, Gavyyn had defied death, and returned. The OT was nothing like he had left it, though he claims to herald the return of Master Torm and that Torm will also return, like he has, and that the OT will be reborn and the days of its former glory will return.

Gavyyn claims to have coined the term "mando" as well as holding the current record of 61 infraction points on an account. He likes cats and dislikes Fipps, who he considers to have been very lulzworthy in older days, has now sold out the OT in the vain hopes of getting a beta invite. Gavyyn is also a founding member of the Selkath. Gavyyn also makes no attempt to hide his infatuation with Amy Crider.